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[找工就业] 选课:Parallel System or Cloud Computing Technology?

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我这学期上了OS, Networks, Object-Oriented Development. 下学期我对下面这五门课比较有兴趣,但是考虑到自己的能力和时间,精力,我应该只会选三门。从有利于找工就业的角度,请大家帮我看看我应该drop哪一门呢?
Algorithm design techniques: use of data structures, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, greedy techniques, local and global search. Complexity and analysis of algorithms: asymptotic analysis, worst case and average case, recurrences, lower bounds, NP-completeness. Algorithms for classical problems including sorting, searching and graph problems [connectivity, shortest paths, minimum spanning trees].

-Automated Learning and Data Analysis
Introduction to the problems and techniques for automated discovery of knowledge in databases. Topics include representation, evaluation, and formalization of knowledge for discovery; classification, prediction, clustering, and association methods.Selected applications in commerce, security, and bioinformatics.
这门课是data mining的入门课。load不算太重。

-Enterprise Storage Architecture
An introduction to storage systems architecture in an enterprise. Begins with a review of the individual components of a system [eg, hard disk drives, network interfaces], and shows how to aggregate those into storage systems. Tradeoffs involving factors such as cost, complexity, availability, power and performance. Discussion of information management strategies, including data migration. Guest lectures by representatives from local industry. Students work in teams on a semester-long project.

-Cloud Computing Technology
Study of cloud computing principles, architectures, and actual implementations. Students will learn how to critically evaluate cloud solutions, how to construct and secure a private cloud computing environment based on open source solutions, and how to federate it with external clouds. Performance, security, cost, usability, and utility of cloud computing solutions will be studied both theoretically and in hands-on exercises. Hardware-, infrastructure-, platform-, software-, security-, and high-performance computing - "as-a-service".
系主任上的课,神课之一。据说load很重。 鏉ユ簮涓浜.涓夊垎鍦拌鍧.

-Parallel System
Basic concepts of parallel computation; parallel programming models and algorithm design; load balancing and performance optimization; parallel I/0 and high-end storage systems; high performance parallel applications.


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clfhaha1234 发表于 2015-11-14 16:51

这确实是我非常非常想选的组合,但是因为下学期找实习可能会比较忙,有点担心这么选课,gpa会比较难看。by the way, 谢谢给我支招!
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