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Topic: Some people are more content withthe life in the big city, while others think that they will be more satisfiedto live in the village or small towns instead.

Have you ever waited for a bus for longtime but without one coming to you when you lived in a small town? Have youever felt sick when you were in a countryside but without any medical servicethere? Have you ever tried to find a job but there was not almost any company?

If you have never had these experiences, youwill never know how much better to live in a big city than staying in a smalltown.

The major reason for my propensity for livingin a big city is that people can enjoy the convenience of modern life. Takemyself for example, I live in the center of my city nowadays. There are a lotof restaurants, malls, and parks in the neighborhood. Every time I get hungry,I can just go downstairs, step into a restaurant and enjoy the delicious food.Every weekend when I finish my homework, I can go shopping with my friends inany mall or find a place to sit down and have afternoon tea, talking about ourlives, dreams, experience and whatever we want to talk about. Every nightbefore I go to sleep, I often walk along the park, releasing the stress andbreathing the fresh air. The life is really cozy and comfortable.

Another reason why I advocate for living ina big city is that people can take advantage of the better education system,medical service to help them establish themselves and protect them from beinghurt by disease. With more modern facilities, like computers, libraries, andmore professional teachers in school, students can study better and acquiremore knowledge than students in the villages. It is a common phenomenon nowthat with more knowledge and better educational backgrounds, students have morechance to have a breakthrough in their majors.

Beyond enormous obvious reason, however,there lies a more in-depth cause that living in a city is better than in avillage. Big city is the gateway of opportunity for people. In big metropolises,there are always a great amount of companies, with some positions available, suchas managers, secretaries, salespeople, engineer and so on, looking for talentedor experienced people. So, live in big cities as people do, they enjoy moreopportunities to get a job. For example, last year, when my brother searchedfor a job in Huangshi, a small town in China, there were about one hundredpeople running for only three positions, even with a low salaries for about3000RMB every month. Unfortunately, He failed. And then, he came to Wuhan, Abig city in China, for a job. He was surprised to find that there are so manypositions he can apply for. Later on, he got three offers in only one day, witha high average salary for 8000RMB every month. He was really happy and decidedto settle down. Nowadays, He enjoys a very happy life.

In short words, when the time comes that Ihave to make a decision whether to live in a big city or in a village, I willalways choose to live in a big city without any hesitation.

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