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[求内推] 被雷了,5年经验engineer求内推!

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2016(7-9月)-[]CS硕士+5-10年 - 内推| 码农类全职@Cisco在职跳槽


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“Alan has solid skills on software development. He startedhis career with building software for networking devices in 2011. He has sinceworked on networking development, front end web development, backend businesslogic design and implementation using C, JAVA, JavaScript, etc. He has deepunderstanding on TCP/IP networking protocols and application development. Inorder to deliver a reliable product, Alan also wrote Junit test code,automation, and design unit tests.
Alan is self-motivated person and he is a very responsible engineer.He is willing to take more responsibility than the team expects. In his mostrecent job, not only did him design and implement UI and backend logic, butalso he took the lead on building a lab for the whole development team.
Alan is also an innovative engineer. He had an idea ofenhancing the security behavior of the product which he was working on, and heearned a patent for that this year.  Hisinterest is building a large and scalable system which serves a big amount ofcustomers. “

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