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Universities should require every student to take a variety of courses outside the student’s field of study.       
          With the severe requirement, the society is looking for the T-shaped genius, who is equipped with several professional skills, rather than the I-shaped, who is the expert in only single field. Under this circumstance, universities also improve the standard for us college students. Some enact the rule that students won’t graduate until they have acquired sufficient points except their own fields.
        The reason is cognizant; universities don’t want students to be circumscribed in their own subjects so that they help us build a broader platform, although compulsorily, to elongate our insight and develop the characteristics. We have to concede, if we only devote to few subjects, like the mathematics, physics and so forth, what about our literature, aesthetic, music? Wisdom and intelligence are essential, but the taste of culture, of beauty is significant as well. Cross culture not only saucy our life, relax our mind, but also spark the creative muse and emancipate the imagination. Throughout the history, there are countless artists skilled in science, like Van Gou, mastering the physics, anatomy, astronomy; untold scientists are talented in the aesthetics; if Einstein wasn’t a physicist, he would also be a maven in the music, considering his excellent performance in violin. Knowledge between each subject is connected and converted; to this extent, the rule makes sense and will greatly propel us sound development, from psyche to body.
        However, sound development doesn’t equal with the definition that we should be required to take part in various extra courses.
        First of all, college students are mostly adults, whose interests and major have been determined. What they desire is deeper and more systematic knowledge, rather than the basic knowledge like in the senior high school. This delicate study means they should only dedicate to the few courses, which guarantee them enough time and strength. If they have to take the compulsory classes, they will be distracted and deviate from their original research. Some classes have many after class homework and experiments. These can make students stressed, not to mention if they could neither catch up with the others nor absorb the professors’ conveying. As we all know, if a student is following his mentor to research, his mentor always inhibit him to do the intern job. To him, internship is subordinate and must make way for his major. This is likened with the students. Keep balanced and give up some choices, otherwise, what we reap is the mess and regret.
        Not only the exorbitant stress and strength we should consider, but also the interest. It’s not difficult for us to imagine that, you have to attend other fields’ classes although you are totally not intrigued in them just because they are required. The effect is negligible if he takes courses with depreciation. As we all know, only the interest can enlighten our career and encourage us for profound purpose. What most students need may be the promotion and dissimilation of other fields’ knowledge other than the vapid classes. Steven Jobs’s experience is well-known. He dropped from the school because he didn’t find the meaning to pay for the high tuition but receive, for him, meaningless classes. But he furtively listened to the class about the calligraphy, which has been applied to Apple system’s user interface. The original motivation is from one’s interest and passion. Only this is permanent and lasting.
        Some may doubt, if school doesn’t do so, how could students get attach to other fields and find what they love? I don’t consider this as a difficulty, especially in contemporary internet controlling world. Only typing several key words in the search blanket, untold relevant results jump into our view. Online courses have been prevailing, like courser. These websites provide mini but high-qualified free courses, cooperating with top universities and their professors. From copious sources, we don’t need to worry where we could learn. What’s more, universities may descend the requiring standard for students. For instance, change the compulsory classes into optional classes, so that students can save their energy and devote into what they truly like.
        Come to a brief summary. If universities enact the rule in the title, students will complain their extra stress and homework, or they will finish the learning carelessly. So, entitle the latitude to the students. It’s just the responsibility for the universities that help students find their career positively, not force them to receive knowledge negatively.



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