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Principles of Computing 汇总贴

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[Coursera]Principles of Computing #8 - 2014-06-09@Rice


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Principles of Computing的汇总贴,求版主置顶啊
课程概述This course introduces the basic mathematical and programming principles that underlie much of Computer Science. Understanding these principles is crucial to the process of creating efficient and well-structured solutions for computational problems.

To get hands-on experience working with these concepts, we will use the Python programming language. The main focus of the class will be weekly mini-projects that build upon the mathematical and programming principles that are taught in the class. To keep the class fun and engaging, many of the projects will involve working with strategy-based games.

After completing this course, you will have a much stronger background in Computer Science and be capable of writing Python programs that are both efficient and well-structured. You will also have a better understanding of how to approach more complex computational problems. As always, our goal is to teach these principles of computing in a fun and exciting way. We look forward to seeing you in class!


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授课大纲Our course syllabus can be seen
先修知识Prior programming experience at the level of "An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python" (IIPP). Students that have not taken IIPP are welcome, but should be comfortable writing small (100+ line) programs in Python using constructs such as lists, dictionaries and classes. The first week of class will include assessments designed to help students accurately self-assess whether they have the necessary background to be successful in this class.

授课形式This course will last eight weeks. The lectures from each week will focus on the topics listed in the syllabus while an associated weekly mini-project will serve to reinforce these concepts in practice. Grades for these mini-projects will be determined via a combination of machine-grading and peer-assessment. The class will also include a weekly homework to further reinforce the material.

week 0:
week 1:

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week 2:

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week 3:
week 4:
week 5:

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week 6:

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week 7:




micki_q 发表于 2014-6-27 22:32:26 | 显示全部楼层
跟个贴! 最近在跟这门课,内容还是比较简单的不过project都很有意思,延续了他们历来project都是小游戏的传统,所以上的也蛮开心。期待八月份的algorithmic thinking!
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watertcafe 发表于 2015-2-3 03:37:02 | 显示全部楼层
顶起。马上开新课了。coursera也开始坑爹 一门课拆成2门 收费翻倍。。。。幸好用了去年买的voucher 不是我想跟课 是不跟课voucher就要过期了 不得不用。。。也算是一种动力吧哈哈
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OO0OO 发表于 2015-2-12 20:56:22 | 显示全部楼层
watertcafe 发表于 2015-2-3 03:37
顶起。马上开新课了。coursera也开始坑爹 一门课拆成2门 收费翻倍。。。。幸好用了去年买的voucher 不是我 ...

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watertcafe 发表于 2015-2-13 01:00:06 | 显示全部楼层
OO0OO 发表于 2015-2-12 06:56

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OO0OO 发表于 2015-2-13 09:21:41 | 显示全部楼层
watertcafe 发表于 2015-2-13 01:00

我不知道规矩是怎样的,你开? 然后我来全力支持
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