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招Statistician-MS/BS + 5yr experience

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Statistician II
The Statistician II is responsible for development of Statistical Analysis Plans (SAP), statistical methodology and data analyses for pre-clinical and clinical trials.
Perform statistical analysis for clinical and pre-clinical studies; produce and interpret statistical tables and graphs, and write reports.
Coordinate data flow from Data Management to Statistics in order to produce listings, tables and graphs.
Research new methods and select or modify the best available statistical techniques for a particular trial.
Assist in multiple projects in an accurate and timely manner.-google 1point3acres
Provide statistical support in experimental design, modeling, and analysis of quantitative information.
Develop statistical analysis sections of protocols.. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
Collaborate with Medical Writing in the composition and review of the final Clinical Study Report.
Assist in development of new technology and computer systems validation.
Communicate project related information to the appropriate individuals; supervisor, team-members, etc.
Collaborate with project team(s) and contribute to team efforts.
Other duties as assigned by supervisor or as the project requires.
Master's degree in statistics or bachelor's degree in statistics and five years of experience in the use of statistical techniques such as power and sample size calculation, hypothesis testing (ANCOVA, GLM, multiple comparison tests, parametric and non-parametric), preparation of statistical section of clinical trial protocols and development of Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP).
Proficient in statistical software (SAS).



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