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[我这里要招人] 【Job Opening】Algorithm Engineer, DC

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2013(4-6月)-[13]Stat/Biostat硕士+1-3年 - Other| 分析|数据科学类全职@Satmapinc


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Job Description:

Member of a team that develops and improves the modeling and algorithms used by SATMAP in call centers to route calls to agents on the basis of personal factors in order to optimize results. Techniques used include aspects of queuing theory, probability, statistics, data mining, optimization, and simulation. Team has responsibility for development and maintenance of an internal tool that facilitates the modeling and algorithm specifics for each implementation. Position reports directly to the Chief Scientist.

Duties include:

  • New client onboarding (SQL joins, data cleanup, model building)
  • Ongoing client engagement (face of AI to client)
  • Algorithm development - mixture of queuing theory, probability, statistics, optimization, simulation.
  • Application development coding changes to internal tools used to build and analyze models.

Desired Skills and Experience:


  • Extremely clever mathematical mind. BS, MS in Math, Statistics, Physics, OR, CS, EE, etc.
  • Some programming experience  (preferably SQL, R, C++ )
  • Interest in probability and algorithms - love of difficult problems
  • Strong oral and written communication skills


  • Experience with net lift models
  • Foreign language (particularly German, Spanish and Portuguese)

About Company:

SATMAP is a rapidly expanding global  call center technology company with implementations in North America, South America, Continental Europe, and UK.

The outcome of a call to a call center is driven by a complex combination of factors. In making a choice, a buyer attempts to weigh the benefits and costs of an offered product against the powerful backdrop of brand impressions and the quality of the buyer's interaction with an agent.

Leading companies devote great effort to keeping their value proposition competitive and their brand strong. SATMAP complements these efforts by optimizing the third piece of the puzzle: the quality of interaction between agent and buyer. After having spent heavily to interest a potential buyer, it is critical to ensure that the final human interaction in which a purchase decision is made is orchestrated as well as possible. SATMAP does this by matching agents to calls on the basis of personal factors.

Companies use SATMAP to:

  • Raise  sales conversion rates
  • Maximize sales on high margin products
  • Sell more bundled products
  • Enhance revenue per transaction

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补充内容 (2014-8-12 21:27):
Please send your resume to

补充内容 (2014-8-19 09:28):
The position is filled.
choutiy 发表于 2014-8-13 13:14:29 | 显示全部楼层
之前差点去了satmap实习,想问问这个公司待遇如何? h1b和绿卡情况如何呢?
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choutiy 发表于 2014-8-13 13:14:29 | 显示全部楼层
之前差点去了satmap实习,想问问这个公司待遇如何? h1b和绿卡情况如何呢?
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yhzn 发表于 2014-8-15 04:44:57 | 显示全部楼层
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