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Do you agree or disagree with the followingstatement:
Young people nowadays do not give enoughtime to helping their communities.
With the explosive development of scienceand technology, there is so much new and complex in the modern society. When itcomes to talking about the topic that young people should spend more timehelping their community, different individuals hold different opinion towardsit. Should young people spend more time on their community, just like thestatement suggests? Only after analysis this matter logically and thoroughlycan I reply to this issue. I agree with the statement insofar as helping theircommunity is beneficial for young people. At the same time, however, I entirelydisagree with the further assertion that young people do not spend adequatetime on their community. In my perspective, this statement is impractical andeven negative for its constraint, and as a whole effect in general, youngpeople have spent enough time on their community, and they should spend moretime enjoying themselves.
There is no denying the fact that helpingthe community is a good opportunity for young people to get on well with theirneighbors. Although considerable advances have been made with the help ofstudying hard, some of which often take people to associate people with infields such as career, money, there are still some young people indifferent totheir neighbor, which may give people such harmful impression that young peopleare selfish. In comparison, helping the community can make young people get onwell with their neighbors and reduce the possibility of such negative matters.It seems that helping the community is literally significant for young peopleto have a good relationship with the members in the community.
Furthermore, helping the community not onlyresults in a huge amelioration in the relationship between the young people andtheir neighbor, but also tends to assist young people form a beneficial habit.For example, helping the community can help the young people care about thepeople around them. Just consider Jack, the only son of my neighbor, forinstance, he was so naughty and made many mistakes in the school. But after hepracticed in the program that helping the community, he became more friendly andthoughtful. This case is not rare, it is one of the many examples that I haveheard. In light of this, better condition of young people resulted from helpingthe community.
However, as a matter of fact, young peoplenowadays spend adequate time in helping their community, spending some timeenjoy themselves is what they need. Young people suffer from heavy stress fromtheir school and parents in class, and they have to help their community afterclass, so it is really necessary for young people to fresh themselves. Asurvey, conducted by the China Daily, after polling 3000 young people inBeijing, reveals that more than 70 percent of young people spends more than 3hours helping their communities, and they are more inclined to enjoy themselveswhich really can improve their life quality. It is clear that young peopleshould spend their time on relaxing rather than helping their communities.

From the analysis above, we can statefirmly that, for most young people, it have taken enough time for them to helpthe community, what they really need is to enjoy themselves. Although there arestill some young people helping their communities little, under the guidancefrom their parents and teachers, the mistaken can be solved and the wholesituation can be better than any other period.

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