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[CS/CE] 做网络的同学们注意 香港城市大学RA招人啦!

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简单来说,不要求TOEFL/IELTS成绩,招人的权利完全在导师手里,但需要有Traffic Engineering, Software Defined Networks或Data Center Networking的研究经历或兴趣。RA的经历对于申请Ph.D.十分有利,有助增加科研背景,并且工资待遇丰厚。(这是很重要滴

Hi, I'm Henry Xu, an Assistant Professor in Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong. I currently have openings for 1-2 paid Research Assistant positions. Minimum 6-month, and can be extended to 1 year depending on your performance. We have two main projects as follows.

1. Data-driven traffic engineering in software defined networks. This is in collaboration with a leading research lab at HK. You'll have the opportunity to work with researchers there, and developing and implementing novel TE ideas using data mining on real traffic data. Students are expected to have a strong background in programming (C++, Python, etc.) and SDN. Knowledge on data mining is a plus but not required.

2. Data center networking. We are interested in many problems in both the data plane and control plane of data center networks, including distributed load balancing, low latency networking, bandwidth reservation, fault/error handling, using advanced wireless technologies, etc. Some of these topics are explored in collaboration with people from HKUST and leading U.S. schools. Students for this project are expected to have a strong background in computer networks and data center networking specifically, with both analytical and programming skills.

Some general requirements (in descending order of importance) apply to both projects:

(1) Well motivated and want to do high quality research in computer networks and systems.
(2) A strong background in either systems (CS with OS, distributed systems, networks background) or math (EE background), or both.
(3) A good command of English in writing and oral communications.

Bothundergrads and grads are welcome to apply. Immediate availability is required. If you're interested, please contact me with your CV. More details about my research can be found at

P.S.: I also haveopenings for Ph.D. students and Post-doc, starting fall 2015. Opportunities about CityU PhD program can be found at, and Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme at Contact me early before applying.

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