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[PS/CV] 一篇PS求大家意见

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I  have clearly  defined  my career  goal  to become  a  well -rounded and  technically  competent
specialist  in Materials  and  Devices, effectively  utilizing  innovative technologies  to  address
globalchallenges in the academic fields of nanoelectronics, material and devicecharacterization
aswell as display technology. As I pursue my goal as a prominent scientist orengineer, I require
manyattributes: enthusiasm for learning various subjects, immense aspiration tosolve emerging
problems,  and fierce  dedication  to research  in  particular fields.  Accordingly,  I possess  these
qualitiesand  will showcase  them  in your  program  at Department  of XXX, XXXUniversity.
In  retrospect, my  college  education greatly  facilitated  my natural  attraction  to research  in
materialproperties and applications. I have been working in this area for  two years, under the
supervision  of Professor  XXX.  During this  challenging  time, I  have  achieved some
impressivecontributions. Specifically, my main research are related to  single-molecule magnet
andorganic semiconductor.
First,my most intensive contributions to computation involve the discovery of a newmethod to
calculate  the exchange  coupling  constants in  a  single-molecule  magnet in  2013.  Likewise, I
publisheda  paper--(paper title)--in the  Journal of XXX  in Aug. 2013. In the study of
material  properties of  a  single-molecule  magnet, we  need  to calculate  the  exchange coupling
constants frequently. We initially choose different spinorientation configurations and solve liner equations.
However, when  this  method applies  to  molecules containing  large  number of
magneticatoms, it becomes extremely cumbersome. In paper with XXX(Prof. name) appearingin the XXX(journal name),
we proposed a new method based on first-principlecalculations. To illustrate, we reversed the spin  orientation of  the
two atoms  respectively  and spontaneously;  the  calculation results  were consistent with previousresearches on similar molecules.
After  the study of  a  single-molecule  magnet, I  thoroughly  investigated the  properties  of other materials and recognized
my  instinctive patterns of  reasoning as highly  analytical. One of  my submitted papers--XXX(paper title)--in Jul.  2014,
concerns the electronicand magnetic properties of an organic semiconductor. In this paper, the magneticproperties and
electronic structure of 3d transition-metal phthalocyanine dopedwith Li were  calculated  utilizing first-principles calculations
  based  on density  functional  theory. However,  we discovered  that  different types  of  phthalocyanine  have different
  electronic structures;in essence, they do not follow certain obvious rules. In my joint work with XXX(Prof. name) and other
  teammates,  we bravely  employed  the orbit  mixing  and splitting  theory  to  successfully articulate the magnetic moment
causes and level arrangement law.
Basedon my eminent research successes, my motivation flourished. There are manyinteresting,
open  problems relating  to  material properties  that  I intend  to  investigate. Perhaps  the  most
intriguing  one is  exploring  new materials  with  high performance,  which  is one  of  the main
factors  restricting the  development  of materials  and  devices. For  example,  using III-IV
compound  semiconductors  to design  transistors  is becoming  a  new research  hotspot.  Besides,
device processing is also aninteresting topic. I have always been interested in fabrication process and
design and want to  do  intensive research  on improving  processtechnologies  to  ameliorate
performances of the device such asHFET.  In turn, I  would like to approach these problems--exploring
material properties  and  finding their  functions--through  my future  study  in your program of PhD
in XXX (department name).
Similarly,I strongly deem teaching as an integral part of doing research. A discovery isfar from
completeif one does  not also find a way toclearly present it to others. Even more importantly,
organizinga vast array of results for a presentation is a crucial skill that a researchermust share
witha teacher: without it, the researcher cannot gain a clear sense of direction inhis work. My
interestin teaching emerged two years ago when I tutored a high school student. It wasa great
pleasureto teach students, especially probing students’ minds to judge difficulty basedon their
abilities.  Now I  aspire  to  become a  university  faculty member  to  perform research  as  well as teaching.
In  essence, I  choose  (university name),  as it  emphasizes  the nurturing  our  students to  become
well-rounded  and technically  competent  engineers who  can  change the  world.  I passionately
look forward tocontinuing my research career as a PhD student. The aforesaid open problemsdeeply
motivate me, and I will continue to pursue these topics. Your departmentoccupies a forefront position
in the solid-state electronics and materialsfield, especially  in  the area of Liquid Crystal Display. Students
and professors publish valuable papers in top conferences and journals yearly, andmost of their research
encompasses a close relationship with the industrialcommunity. My investigation  of  your program
revealed  an honorable   academic  community, state-of-the-art technology facilities and stimulating
researchatmosphere, all of which are highly conductive to
thedevelopment of my later academic career. As Socrates proclaimed, “The unexamined life is
notworth living.”
Thus,I am eager to examine innovative research and content in your amazing setting!


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