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uci 小密有关ms transfer phd的回答已经希望大家能歌给提供ms 转phd的学校

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本人数学想转cs,最终向往phd发展,发邮件问了几个学校有关ms transfer phd的可能性,uci最先回的:

We welcome applicants from all backgrounds. You re eligible to apply if you have a four-year degree.

Pre-reqs at the grad level are mostly recommendations.  We leave it up to the student to decide if they're ready to proceed w/ a graduate level course.  However, please know that it is expected that you comprehend the information in our ugrad courses such as ICS 21, 22, 23, 51, 52 and 161 and Math 3a/b.

Students are not allowed to transfer from the MS to PhD program. We require students to reapply for admission to the PhD program.

Hope this helps,
ICS Graduate Office

Dear Graduate Coordinator:


I am a student in Hong Kong who plan to apply for your graduate school. I have the following questions:

1.I did my undergraduate and am working on my m.s. degree in both applied mathematics with good academic performance but taking relatively limited computer courses ( I learnt a lot of programming by myself and also did several projects and research by coding, but little can appear on my transcript). I have decided to change my career path to computer science. Is it OK for your m.s. degree to accept an transferring-major student, or what you required is a very strong undergraduate foundation in computer science?

2. My terminal goal is a PHD degree. It is possible for a ms to transfer to a PHD after two years if he/she has a good academic performance and contact with some professors? If so, how many, or what proportion of ms can be transferred to PHD each year? Should he/she need to pass a qualifying exam?

在uci曲线救国的可能是被枪毙了,在等其他学校回复,不知道大家对ms transfer phd有什么见解和看法,能不能给提供啥子信息,谢谢
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