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题目:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A person should never make an important decision alone. Use specific reasons and examples to support you answer

During our whole life, we have to make many important decisions that will have a great and essenisal impact to ourselves and others. But to the problem that wether we should make an important decision alone, differernt people have different views. Some people think that they can make important decisions because they have much confidence and trust in theirselves than others. In my view, under most situations, before we make an important decision, we should consult others and consider their advices carefully.

There is an old saying says that three bad man together is better than one good man alone. In most situation, the more people partispate in the decision making process, the better result we will get from this decision because we may ignore some important cases when we make an important decision while others can put them into consideration. For example, before we enter university, we have to make an important decision about choosing our major which will influence our whole future. At this time, most of us should discuss with our parents, teachers or relatives but not only based on our own interests or emotions because they have more experience about work and career which is also a key factor when we choose our major.

On the other hand, when an important decision is not only related to us but also have positive or negative impact on others. We should ask about their attitude or preference about the decision. If we just make the decision by ourselves and cause some bad influce to others, we will have to be responsible for the mistakes made by us. When a manager of a group is going to make an important decision, it is necessay for him to have a meeting with his group because the decision is related to all members in the group. No one has the right to decide for others.

However, in some situations, we have to make decisions alone such as when we face an emergency. Once I read a news about a student who found an old lying in the road and looked terrible. At this moment, most of us may feel afraid that it is maybe a trick for money and give up to share our hands. But the student didn't. He quickly made a decision and called 120 to help that old man. Finally, the old man was saved and the student was praised for his kinkness. In this kind of emergency, we have to make an decision quickly and there is no time to consider others opinion. Wa have to trust and be confident of ourselves.

In a word, in most situations, we should consult others and consider their advices before we make an important decision. But in some special environment we have to trust ourselves.



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