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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement Teachers were more appreciated and valued by the society in the past than they are now.
1科技 教师不再是唯一的学习途径
3工资更少 不再是最有智慧的人成为教师

In the past, teacher was a group of people who delivered knowledge to others and a kind of job that always enjoyed the respect from crowd. However, as the technology is becoming increasingly advanced, time is different now; the people's attitude towards this career is experiencing some significant changes.

One of the most apparent changes can be seen from salary.  In the old days, teachers are regarded as the most intelligent and wise people in a society. In some cultural history, they participated in the political decision making like in China and were admired by the people as god like in Greek. Until now, there are many renowned teachers’ names in the history that we are familiar with namely Kongzi and Aristotle. They are not only a leader of a society but also a symbol of the country and the degree of high-development. Nowadays, there is no certain fine between different social classes, but we can still get a general idea from an economical perspective. Material wealth is always an indication of high status and therefore, we can measure one's degree of respect by quantity of possessions he has. However, we found that, compared to teachers in history, educator nowadays always lives a normal or poor life relying on the income that even hardly to get along with. In Australia, we can frequently see an outcry from teachers in universities asking for more salary since their average income is even lower than this of building workers'. But what are the incentives to cause such enormous change of teacher's status?

First and foremost, technology development is no doubt a crucial factor to prevent teachers from being appreciated as before. As the invention of Internet and the widespread adoption of personal computers, educational landscape has gone through enormous changes. In traditional view of teaching, we have to sit in a classroom, carefully listening and noting what the teacher is talking about and are afraid of missing a single word. Today is different, we don't have to go to a school or show up in front of our teacher, all we need to do is to turn on our laptop, click on the mouse and we will get all the information we want on the internet. I myself remember reinforcing basic math and science knowledge through poorly-animated, two dimensional computer games in elementary school. In a different vein, as the invention of the almighty searching engine such as google, a wealth of information is available on our fingertips which offers us a means of self-studying. As the importance of teacher deprived and replaced by the cutting-edged technology, their value certainly cannot remain the level as before.

Aside from this, the extension of the concept of teacher is also an element to cause the change. In ancient time, teacher is a title which represent a person's high intelligent. Thus, only the people who can really stand out from their peers can be called teacher. However, the utilization of this title has been broadened a great deal over the past century. Even the monitor in the kindergarten can be called teacher, although they are obviously hardly the most smart and knowledgeable people among us. This broadened usage of title of teacher also has a negative effect on the impression of people on teachers.

Overall, time is different now and teacher is no longer being valued to the degree as the past.



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