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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The rules that the whole society today expect young people to follow are too strict.

1 这些规定对我们好
2 比起过去现在的人的规定不算严格
3 相比之下现在的人实则是更加自由 同性恋 女权问题

With a quality life come many obligations. As the quality of life has been developed a great deal, some new principals become more and more embedded in our daily life, which include doing more exercises, keep a balanced diet, live a regular life and so on. Because of those new restrictions, some people points out that people now are treated more strictly than before, which I cannot agree.

Although those rules seem very demanded on the surface, they are actually crucial to assuring our health, longevity and thus, quality of life, which we should follow spontaneously as our nature. Mothers always warn their children not to get caught hanging out with wrong crowd and speak in a good manner, which always annoyed us when we were young while helped us form a good habit which lay a good foundation for our future. If we apply the same logic to those new principals to young people now, we find that the seemly rigid rules are actually a big stir to encourage people to live mighty and righteously. The rules to a young person is like a long rail to a rumbling train---even though the force by the rail is a sort of disturbing, it prevents the train from losing its way.

Compared to rules in the past, those today cannot be called restricted at all. Australia as a whole was once a prison for British people who expelled thousands kilometers away from home only because they committed some minor crimes like stealing a penny for a bread to get along; African was once regarded as slaves sold all over the Western world whose freedom was totally deprived and whose lives hang on a thread on every minute of their rest of lives; Putting those into consideration, can our rules compete with those of people who lived in the past in terms of rigidity?

Our society has gone through many significant  changes during the past century, one of which is that human rights get a great promotion. For one thing, as to homosexuals, they are given a unprecedented free now. The law of validity of marriage between homosexuals is put in place in many states or even countries; Movie stars publicize their homosexual tendency on twitter or facebook such as Jim Parsons who acts as Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory; Gay Pride Parade takes place every year in many international big cities namely Sydney and Toronto. All of those are impossible to happen even thirty years ago. In the same vein, as the word feminism is enjoying its popular support, women participates more in varies of roles in our society including prime minister. At the end of the day, it seems that people today are given more freedom than before.

All in all, people get more rights than before and the so-called new rules that regular young people today is not only beneficial to them but also unworthy of mentioning compared with rules in old days.



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