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解决办法:There are several things you can do to ensure that your experience in graduate school
is a good one. The first one is to establish community. Just as establishing a good
relationship with your group mates can make your experience as a graduate student more
enjoyable and productive, finding a group of students with whom you can closely identify
can be valuable. Seek these people out and talk with them. Fortunately, many of these
groups already exist6
. A female colleague stressed the importance of finding an advisor and
research collaborators who believe that women have equal capabilities as men. This is a
worthwhile tip for anyone in a minority group. An issue that is particular to women is that of
children. If you have children or are planning to have children during graduate school, it
would be a good idea to check into family services offered by your prospective schools,
such as family housing and child care.
Another way to better make your way through graduate school is to seek the help of
role models and mentors. I draw a distinction between role models and mentors in the
following way. Role models are the people who you idolize, the people who are in the
place you would like to be in 10 years. Mentors are the people who can guide you to
become what you want to be. Sometimes you can find a role model and mentor in the same
person. However, you will often have to seek out several people to fill these roles. Be
aware that these people will not knock on your door and ask to mentor you; you have to
seek them out and ask them to mentor you.



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