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It is better torelax by watching a movie or reading a book than doing physical exercises.
2014年10月8日 星期三
Recently, issues about how should modernpeople relax themselves have drawn the publics attention. Some people claimthat physical exercises like jogging and swimming are both healthy andentertaining, while others insist that reading books and watching movies arethe best way to relax themselves. In my opinion, although books and movies canbring inner peace for people, physical exercises is more beneficial andrelaxing for modern citizens.

Admittedly,cosmopolitan life is busy and crowed no matter weekdays or weekends, sorelatively private relaxation methods like reading and watching movies arepopular ways to ease our nerves. Movies like The Shawshank Redemption arereally inspiring, they can teach us the philoSOPhy of life as well as encouragepeople. Watching this kind of movies is a good choice of relax after a wholeweek's work or study. However, there are two points in which watching moviescan never compete with doing physical exercises: the latter is more healthy andmore social for people, and the degree of one's health and social attachment are positively related to one's happiness,including the sense of relaxation.

Firstabout health, spending time in the gym is definitely healthier than reading abook on the sofa. On the one hand, exercises like running ,swimming or weighlifting promote the circulation of blood, accelerate the body's metabolism asif the blood and organs have been vacuumed clean, thus makes people feel physically relaxed. On the other hand, theprocess of sport is energy consuming and will cause fatigue and exhaustion,which is particularly beneficial for people suffered from mental diseases likeanxiety or insomnia.Whenever I feel anxious about work or have trouble fall asleep, watching noisymovies or reading impenetrablebooks just worsen the situation, instead I would rather go to the gym and swimuntil I am too tired to think. After that, I have no strength to worry aboutanything but to charge myself up with a night of good sleep and reserve energyto confront the difficulties till the next day. In this case, I positivelyagree that exercise is more effective at relaxing modern citizens in bothphysical and psychologicalways.

Nextabout social involvement, many people enjoy participating in sports andexercises for recreation because it provides opportunities to be part of thegroup. To start with, sports create good wills between team members. Once aperson join a sports team, he or she is no longer a isolated island in the bigcity but part of the team whose members share the same goal with no commercialinterest. We can always hear that someone meet their best friends throughhelping each other in the process of hiking and adventures or play in the samebasketball team and together experience successes and failures, joys and tears.Indeed, in this fast-changing era the distance between individuals is largelyextended, but I always believe that friends and bonds are the best way to cureloneliness and maximize happiness. Therefore I would not deny thatparticipating in sports can create strong bonds between people, cure lonelinessand anxiety accumulated from everyday life, and achieve the goal of relaxation.

Inconclusion, doing physical exercises is superior to reading books and watchingmovies in the aspect of relaxing people.



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