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[推荐信] 求各位帮忙看看,改改RL,后天就要给老师看了,跪谢

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To whom it may concern:
I start to became familiar with XX via E-mail when he sent an E-mail to me to talk about his gains and thinking about his detector course. The assigned text book in his detector course class is written by me and his teacher
is also a faculty in my research group, so I know that the class and the book both are focus on every single detector itself. However, his E-mail presented many thinking beyond detector itself such as his understanding of a sensor system and the information process. After further communication with
him, I knew that he did a lot of research after class and he also did a detector project in his intern. I felt delighted that our university can train students
like XX, never satisfying what he has learned, always want to be better and push himself to be excellent.
Although my research and management task often lead me to only meet some graduate students, XX still show his potential and quality to be a good graduate student when I talked with him. I have been contacting with XX since his first E-mail to me. During this period, he often talked to me about his research project such as the schedule and problem of the project. He did three big and challenging project during his undergraduate period. Every time he can tackle the problem, even sometimes it spend him a lot of energy and time. Sometimes he maybe tired
physically, but he never lost his confidence and motivation. I witnessed his continuous progress during last 2 year. I can see that he love what he is doing and his determination to be better in higher education. He has demonstrated his ability to cooperate with others and to figure out question individually. I believe he has prepared to face bigger challenges and beat them
Based on these,I am glad to recommend XX to your MS. program in Electrical Engineering in your school. As a Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor in XX’s department and
the vice-president of university, I think graduate students need to improve themselves in a program, and also need to contribute to the development of the department and the society. I consider XXas a student who can satisfy these requirements. I believe XX has the potential to pursue the higher education in your program and will devote himself to the program.
Best Wishes,
Vice president of XXX University




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