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【Paragraph5】Five centuries later, about 7700B.C., a new village rose onthe mound. At first the inhabitants still hunted gazelle intensively. Then, about 7000 B.C.,within the space of a few generations, they switched abruptly to herdingdomesticated goats and sheep and to growing einkorn, pulses, and other cerealgrasses. Abu Hureyra grew rapidly until it covered nearly 30 acres. It was aclose-knit community of rectangular, one-story mud-brick houses,joined by narrow lanes and courtyards, finally abandoned about 5000 B.C.. Many complex factors led to the adoption of the neweconomies, not only at Abu Hureyra, but at many other locations such as 'AinGhazal, also in Syria, where goat toe bones showing the telltale marks of abrasion caused by foottethering (binding) testify to early herding of domesticstock.
10.Accordingto paragraph 5, after 7000 B.C. the settlement of Abu Hureyra differed fromearlier settlements at that location in all of the following EXCEPT
the domestication of animals
the intensive hunting of gazelle
the size of the settlement
the design of the dwellings

C的原因是对应那个grew rapidly


Thanks to extremely fine-grained excavationand extensive use of flotation methods (through which seeds are recovered fromsoil samples), we know a great deal about the foraging practices of theinhabitants of Abu Hureyra in Syria's Euphrates valley. Abu Hureyra was foundedabout 9500B.C, a small village settlement of cramped pit dwellings (houses dugpartially in the soil) with reed roofs supported by wooden uprights. For thenext 1,500 years, its inhabitants enjoyed a somewhat warmer and damper climatethan today, living in a well-wooded steppe area where wild cereal grasses wereabundant. They subsisted off spring migrations of Persian gazelles from thesouth. With such a favorable location, about 300 to 400 people lived in asizable, permanent settlement. They were no longer a series of small bands butlived in a large community with more elaborate social organization, probablygrouped into clans of people of common descent.



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