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[套辞/联系] [套磁交流]有关套磁的一些问题,还有如何回复教授,求耐心解答

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1、我看了一下学校,大部分的加拿大研究硕士都是需要先找到potential supervisor的,所以就需要提前陶瓷了,可是如果我最后找不到potential supervisor怎么办,那这个学校我还能申请吗?

3、贴上第一版的陶瓷信和第二版的,如果是想找potential supervisor的话,开头应该怎么说呢?应该像下面我第二版陶瓷信里的第一段这样写吗?我感觉没说明我的意思是找potential supervisor啊,还是应该直接问   if possible, I hope you can become my potential supervisor and support my application.............

. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
Prospective Student Fall 2015—Interested in .1point3acres缃
Dear Professor Anderson:
I am applying to University of Manitoba for Master's degree in Computer Science. I found your information on the website of Computer Science Department, and I noticed that your research focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Since my major is Electronic Information Engineering and I have good background of computer skills and programming, I take great interest on these areas. I wonder if you would take any student next fall 2015, and I hope you could give me more information about your program. Again, thank you for your attention.
Best regards,

Prospective Student Fall 2015—Apply for Master’s degree in XXXXXX
Dear XXXXX Professor XXX:
I am writing to you with regards to the position in your laboratory next fall 2015. I wish to apply to University of Manitoba for Master's degree in Computer Science.
I am in my final year of a Bachelor of Engineering at Central China Normal University, majoring in Electronic Information Engineering. I have a strong interest in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, where I hope to conduct in-depth research. During my undergraduate studies, I participated in several projects that strengthened my research skills in Computing Science. While developing a video monitoring system for a parking lot, I learned how to use OpenCV and Visual Studio. For another project, I learned Simulink implementation by designing a communication system and manipulating the variables to achieve a low bit error rate. Finally, I applied OpenCV and Visual Studio to develop a traffic sign detection and recognition system for a self-driving car research team. . visit for more.
At present, I still work in the self-driving car research team. Additionally, I enroll in a major elective course—Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in this semester and it gives me an initial understanding of Artificial Intelligence.
My curriculum vitae, which is attached below, provides additional information on my background and qualifications. If you need any further information about me, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for you attention..
Best regards,
School of XXXXXX
XXXXXX University
Telundefined+86) XXXXXX
Skype:XXXXXX. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
     一个教授回 Please send me a copy of your CV. Have you applied to our program? 我就给他回了我的CV,然后就和他说我还在准备材料,准备好了就申请你们学校,然后就没有然后了,好多天么有回复我了,这是说明教授对我不感兴趣吗?
        另外一个就直接把他实验室的详细情况回我了(但是我觉得是事先准备好的模版),然后后面附上一句  If you are still interested in studying under me, then send: (a) some sample code from your latest robotics project, and (b) the latest paper or project report that you wrote. 但是问题来了:
        1、我本科科研不搞机器人的,搞的是机器视觉啊,而且sample code该怎么发,都是在前人的基础上修改的代码啊,难道就把以前的那个发给他?

问题有点多,希望大家不要嫌弃我是陶瓷小白,thank you for your patience!



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