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[T作文-求改] tpo31 独立写作,内附题目,第一次写,求帮忙,11.8就要考试了。。。万分感谢!!

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
Because the world is changing so quickly, people noware less happy or less satisfied with their lives than people were in the past:

The world is undergoing dramatic changes,with the rise of the standard of life, problems also raise. But, clearly,people are more happy and satisfied nowadays than before.
  A lot ofinvestigation shows that people are less happy than before. It seems plausible because we can see amplefrustrating things happening around the world. But does it really due to theworld changing quickly? I definitely disagreewith that.

  For one thing,world is changing to a direction that we can have a better life. Because ofchanges, we are now living in a world filled with colors and can do vast interesting things to make us happy andsatisfied. For example, if we are annoyed, we can readily travel somewhere torelax ourselves. The transportation is also diverse, such as planes, trains,cars, or even bikes if we like. However, these things wouldn’t exist in thepast, like in the 16th century. What we could take is the stagecoachback then, a slow and crowded transportation. Maybe we would be further annoyed when we were in a chaotic circumstance. Therefore,the changing world offers us more convenient ways to meet our demands, whichwouldn’t be available in the past. More quicklythe world changes, more colorful our lives will be.

  In addition,people currently are less happy and satisfiednot because the world changes quickly, but because people are suffering from significant pressure. Each person is subjected to various pressures at different time of his life. Inchina, for example, as a child, he needs to worry about his grades. Growing toan adult, he worries about his family, work and many other things. Whenbecoming an old man, he should help to take care of his grandchildren. Consequently, a person, from his birth to his death,is always under immense pressure. These problemsnot only are revealed currently, but also are emerged in the past.

  In general, beingless happy may have relations to the world changing quickly. It affirmably is not on accountof world changing quickly. As the world is changing quickly, oppositely, it supplies more avenues to make us happyand satisfied.



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