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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
One of the best ways parents can help their teenager children prepare for adult life is to encourage them to take part-time job.

Generally, taking a part-time job seems like a great opportunity for teenage children to gain experience and prepare for adult life. Teenagers could learn how to communicate with different people from different background. Responsibility would be developed in a part-time job as everyone is going to work for others in a part-time job. Making money by oneself would also make children feel more independent. However, personally, I do not recommend teenage children to be involved into a part-time job, since there are more disadvantages than advantages.

First of all, taking a part-time would definitely be a time-consuming issue while studying, which requires children's time and energy, should be the most significant job for them. Taking one of my best friends in high school as an example could not be a persuasive explanation. As the financial condition of his family is not good, my friend had to take a part-time job near school when we were still a student. Every night after we finish our class, he would start to work while others start to relax or doing homework. Considering both the job and the study is hard for him as his class performance become worse even though he is a hardworking student. As the time and the energy are limited, for teenage children, they would better concentrate more on their school-work, which is more crucial than social experience at their age.

Secondly, forcibly making a naive child into a complicated society might not be a great choice, because without a strong mind, some experience would even harm children. As we all know, taking a part-time job outside school is totally different from taking classes inside school. In a company, people may pay more attention to themselves, including your manager, while in school, your teacher's main job is just to make children learn more. There are also complicated social relations in competitive society.

Last but not the least, teenager children should spend more of their time to have fun, instead of taking a part-time job. Everyone should seize the time, instead of putting all of the time into preparing the next stage of your life. Undoubtedly, the children time is the most precious one in human's life. There are not stressful stuffs that make you feel uncomfortable, and everything is fresh towards you. Thus, we should give children more free space to enjoy their time.

Admittedly, taking a part-time job do make teenage children gain more social experience and would benefit some children. However, for the majority of children, I do not agree that it is a good idea, as they should put their time more into other significant things like studying and having fun. Therefore I reinforce my opinion that encouraging teenage children to take a part-time job is not the best way to help them prepare for adult life.



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