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[CS/CE] FIU CS 博士全奖机会 (PRE-OFFER 机会)!

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近期我们系的Graduate program director会去上海开CIKM会议,在他回国期间,可以做pre-screen (电话或者上海当地面试),通过pre-screen则非常大的机会获得pre-offer!

美国佛罗里达国际大学(FIU)招收计算机博士研究生: 全额奖学金
Graduate Student Assistantships Available for Computer Science Ph.D. Study at FIU SCIS

The School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) at Florida International University (FIU, the State University of Florida at Miami) is located in Miami, Florida [].   With a student body of more than 54,000, FIU is one of the 25 largest public universities in the United States.
As one of the most prominent schools in FIU, SCIS has been gradually paving its way towards top research affiliates. In the most recent United States National Research Council (NRC) study published Sept. 28, 2010, the computer science program of the SCIS at FIU received an R-ranking of 84-126, and S-ranking of 64-105, respectively.   SCIS has received over $22M in the last four years in external research funding and is among the top 25-36 Ph.D. granting Computer Science departments in the US on a per research faculty funding basis.   Our alumni are faculty at Berkeley, Penn State and at other large state universities.  Our recent Ph.D. graduates have obtained tenure-track faculty positions at research universities (such as Temple University, Florida Atlantic University and etc.) and R&D positions at top industrial companies and labs (such as Amazon,   Apple, Citrix, Facebook, IBM, LinkedIn, Samsung, VMware, etc.)
SCIS is a rapidly growing program of excellence at the University, with 30 tenure-track faculty members and over 1,800 students, including over 80 Ph.D. students.   It offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science, an M.S. degree in Telecommunications and Networking, and B.S., B.A., and M.S. degrees in Information Technology.   
For our graduate program, please visit:
SCIS is seeking highly qualified PhD applicants. Qualified candidates will be offered teaching/research assistantship (TA/RA) positions that include tuition waiver plus a highly competitive 12-month stipend ($23,460/yr). There are many positions available each year. In addition, outstanding incoming Ph.D. students will have a high chance to get the Presidential Fellowships (PF) and Presidential Enhancement Fellowships (PEF).
Minimum admission requirements: A baccalaureate or master’s degree in Computer Science; 3.2 GPA; GRE (general test), with a minimum quantitative score of 155; and a total score of 80 on the iBT TOEFL or 6.5 overall on the IELTS is required.  
For details, please visit:
For admission, please visit:
If you are interested in any position, please prepare your documents and apply for the School of Computing and Information Sciences, Florida International University, Miami. If you have any question or need help from us, please contact Dr. Tao Li at




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同学你好!想问下每年23460的stipend是你每年能拿到的嘛?为啥我听说FIU PHD是1600 per month 。。。。
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