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[CS/CE] Post-doc and PhD positions in Data Mining at Penn State University

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Dr. Zhenhui (Jessie) Li from Penn State University has openings for one post-doctoral researcher position (position available immediately) and one Ph.D. student position (starting in fall 2015).

Dr. Li is an Assistant Professor in the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) at Penn State University. Her general research interests include a broad scope of data mining, a fast growing research field in computer science. Her recent research focus is on mining spatiotemporal data from a wide range of scientific domains such as geoscience, social science, animal science and transportation. Her research philoSOPhy emphasizes the development of novel, elegant and efficient data-driven approaches to solve challenging real world problems. For more information related to Dr. Li’s research, please visit

The post-doc position will focus on developing data mining methods to address emerging issues in sustainable water systems. The successful applicants should have an excellent publication record in data mining or related fields, be highly motivated to conduct interdisciplinary research, and have strong communication skills. The job is expected to start in January, 2015.

The Ph.D. student position will be supported by a full graduate scholarship. Students with research interests in the areas of data mining, database, machine learning and information retrieval are encouraged to apply. The successful candidates will have strong programming skills, and strong background in algorithm and mathematics. Relevant research, internship experience in school or research labs is a plus.
If you are interested, please send your CV to

Application information for the graduate program in IST can be found at ... uate-students/apply
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