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[EE] Two GRA Positions on Aerial Robotics at KU-AE

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We have two openings in Fall 2015 for Ph.D. graduate research assistants on estimation and control of aerial robots/UAVs at the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Kansas. The successful candidates will work on developing new estimation filters and controllers for autonomous aerospace vehicles.

Current research topics include
(1) small autonomous platform development for remote sensing,
(2) cooperative sensing and cooperative control with aircraft formations,
(3) vision aided navigation in GPS-denied environments.

The objective is to increase the autonomy and cognitive behavior of aerospace vehicles by introducing innovative vision-inertial sensor fusion algorithms and novel cooperative sensing and control methodologies. Emphasis will be put on new algorithm/system development as well as flight test validations using small aerial robots, or unmanned aircraft systems.  
Applicants should hold a B.S. or M.S. degree in Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields. Desired candidates should have strong background and interests in at least two of the following areas:
(1) Controller theory & applications (e.g., PID/LQR)
(2) Stochastic estimation filter design (e.g. EKF, UKF),
(3) Computer vision & vision based SLAM.   
(4) MATLAB/C programming & embedded systems.
Students with experiences on Remote Controlled (RC) airplanes and Paparazzi /Procerus/Piccolo autopilots are especially welcomed to apply.

Please apply to the graduate program of KU and then contact Assistant Professor Haiyang Chao (<mailto:chaohaiyang at>) with TOEFL/GRE scores, detailed CV, research statement, copies of transcript(s), and three references for initial consultation. A paragraph is required to summarize your research background/interest and why you think there is a good match. Due to the high volume of applications, please do not feel offended if there is no replying. Thanks for your interest.
General guideline of admission to graduate study at KUAE is referred to
Students with experiences on Remote Controlled (RC) airplanes and Paparazzi /Procerus/Piccolo autopilots are especially welcomed to apply.

About KU and KU-AE
The KU Aerospace Engineering Program is ranked at 33rd nationwide according to the U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges, 2014 issue. Kansas hosts many large aircraft corporations including Boeing, Cessna, Learjet, Hawker Beechcraft and Spirit AeroSystems, as well as other big companies including Sprint Nextel. Garmin, Payless Shoes and Koch Industries.
Notable alumni or former members of KU aerospace engineering include: Jan Roskam, the author of the book "Airplane Design", Alan Mulally (BS/MS), President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, Joe Engle, Astronaut, and Charlie Guthrie, Senior Vice President & CTO of Insitu.
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