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[CS/CE] Ph.D positions at SUNY Buffalo

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Dr. Lu Su and Dr. Jing Gao are assistant professors in the department of Computer Science and Engineering, the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo). They are looking for prospective Ph.D students.

Dr. Su’s research interests lie in the general areas of cyber-physical systems, mobile computing, wireless and sensor networks, social and crowd sensing systems, big data and cloud computing, security and privacy, renewable energy, and statistical data analysis. For more information about Dr. Su’s research, please visit

Dr. Gao's research is in the general area of data and information analysis with a focus on data mining and machine learning. She is particularly interested in developing novel data mining and machine learning techniques for emerging data intensive applications, such as social media analysis, text and web mining, health care and bioinformatics, system diagnosis and debugging, and data privacy. More information can be found at

Successful candidates will receive full financial support. For interested applicants, please send your CV to Dr. Su ( and Dr.Gao ( Meanwhile, please complete the online application at
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