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[其它] Phd position in Remote Sensing-GIS-Environmental modeling@Ohio State University

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A Ph.D. graduate assistantship in the general areas of remote sensing, GIS, and environmental modeling is available, beginning Fall 2015, with Dr. Kaiguang Zhao in the School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR), the Ohio State University. Dr. Zhao’s lab focuses on mapping, monitoring, modeling, and managing terrestrial environments across scales, especially in the context of global environmental changes, using a combined toolset (e.g., remote sensing, spatial analysis, machine learning, biophysical & climate modeling, Bayesian statistics, ecological modeling, and eddy-covariance). Self-motivated individuals are sought, especially those with good quantitative and computational skills who would like to apply such skills to address environmental issues related to natural or human-dominated ecosystems (e.g., carbon monitoring, forest management, climatic impacts on agriculture, and water quality).
Qualified backgrounds include geography, ecology, forestry, environmental sciences, meteorology, hydrology, agriculture sciences or related fields. Degrees in statistics, physics, and computer sciences are also acceptable, if with demonstrated good understandings of biophysical ecology and environmental sciences. Skills and experiences in math, programming (e.g., Fortran, C, & Matlab), and remote sensing are highly desirable. The successful applicant must also have a strong work ethic.

Financial support will be a combination of research and teaching assistantships. Fellowship support may be possible for outstanding applicants. Applicants should contact Dr. Kaiguang Zhao directly ( using "Graduate Assistantship" as the email subject. To apply, please include (1) a cover letter briefly describing your research interests/desired Ph.D. research projects, (2) a CV, (3) GRE a/o TOFEL scores, (4) unofficial transcripts, (5) contact information for three references, and (6) sample publications, if any. Review of applicants will begin immediately. Qualified applicants will be invited to apply to SENR by January 7th, 2015 for competitive fellowships. See here for more information about our graduate program (
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