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[文书-求改] CV求改~~cs 申master

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2011.9 – 2015.7      B.S. inComputer Science and Technology, Shanghai Maritime University
l  Overall GPA: 3.45/4.0; Ranking: 10/125
l  Related Courses: Operating System, Data Structure, Database, Java, Information ResourceManagement, The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
Research Experiences
. 鐗涗汉浜戦泦,涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
2013.10 -2014.4  Team Leader, ‘A study on boxoffice prediction method based on emotional tendency of film reviews’
l  Programmed java crawling andpython script to collect reviews, using ICTCLAS2013 to classify words anddevelop LDA model.
l  Identified the emotional tendencyof film reviews and its relationship with box office.
2013.9 -2013.10     Developer, Campus OnlineCourse Selection System
l  Built online web-based portals usingDreamweaver 8 and assisted other developers to construct the system.
2013.3-2013. 5      Developer, Library ManagementSystem
l  Integrated DBMS, OPACs anddynamics-fuzzy query methods in the management system;
2012.10-2012.11  Developer of FAT 16 File System
l  Innovatively added independentgraphical interfaces in the file system to monitor situation about diskpartition.
Intern and Work Experiences

2014.7 –Present     Intern, Shanghai RailSafeInformation Engineering Co., Ltd.  
l  Develop free online trade platformfor Shanghai Yangshan International Food & Wine Trading Co. Ltd.;
l  Develop independent cash-registersystems for the company and sort out background data.
2013.7 -2013.9      Intern, China Youth TravelService (GuiZhou) Co., Ltd.
l  Managed customers’ inquire,requests and complaints;
l  Received international travelers withproper manners and provided detailed explanation for their questions.  
Honoursand Achievements

l  First prize in Business Simulationand the MBA competition of Business Simulation (2014)
l  Special prize in the BusinessSimulation (Eastern China Area) (2013)
l  Second Prize in the BusinessSimulation, Shanghai Maritime University (2012)
l  Third-Class People’s Scholarshipin Year 2011-2013, Shanghai Maritime University
l  People’s Special Scholarship inYear 2011-2013, Shanghai Maritime University
l Third-Class Scholarship Sponsored by Greathorse Group Enterprise in Year 2011-2013
Additional Information

l  Native in Mandarin Chinese andProficient in English, Standard Tests: TOEFL____ GRE____
l  Experienced in Microsoft Office Suite, MATLAB,C, C++, C#, JAVA, SQL, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and ASP.NET.
l  Obtained Shadow-Boxing Certificate.
l  Interests include _____________
. more info on
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Experienced in后头怎么软件和语言混在一起,我觉得可以分成Software和Language,你看情况进行取舍。
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messyji 发表于 2014-12-13 23:04
. From 1point 3acres bbs
GT成绩CV上不一定要反映出来 ...
. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
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