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[EE] PhD position in Singapore Nanyang Technological University

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Our research group is currently looking into spintronic circuits augmented by CMOS logic for neuromorphic computing, machine learning and reconfigurable logic in memory. We have successfully developed security primitives based on emerging technologies besides CMOS through collaboration with overseas research partners. Now we are looking for bright and motivated students interested in doing research in these research topics to explore and exploit the unique characteristics of spin devices for circuit-level innovation and new architectures for existing and emerging applications.

1. Research scholarship (SGD$2,000 and SGD$2,500 before and after Qualification Examination, respectively) will be provided (no bond)
2. Overseas collaboration and attachment (Purdue University, UCLA, etc.) may be provided depending on progress.
3. Tape-out and fabrication opportunities are provided.

1. Students or experienced engineer with Bachelor/Master degree are welcome to apply.
2. High GPA and good research background (publications and projects) will be a plus.

Group website:

Applicants who are interested in the position may send CV to



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