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[Rochester] 今天收到UR的research发来的邮件,大家有收到吗?要回复吗?

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[15Fall] MS.EE@UR


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Dear xx:
As one of the nation’s leading universities, the University of Rochester fosters close working relationships between graduate students and faculty who are at the forefront of their fields. Here, promising candidates work with faculty to develop in-depth knowledge of their chosen fields as they establish themselves as independent, innovative scholars. Students at Rochester have exceptional opportunities for interdisciplinary study that few universities can match. Research opportunities are the backbone of a Rochester student’s  graduate educational experience.
Eric Loy, a PhD candidate in English, believes the University of Rochester "is a great place for graduate study because it offers the campus/departmental feel of a small college with the resources of an R1 university.”  Eric has had the opportunity to research his interests in digital humanities, documentary editing, and American literature. Because of his experiences at the University of Rochester, he is currently a project assistant for the William Blake Archive, and he is participating in the new Mellon Fellowship for the Digital Humanities.

When looking at graduate programs, it is important to look at the faculty, facilities and opportunities to pick an advisor and true mentor. Because the culture of Rochester is focused on the relationships between faculty and students and the research outcomes, we are able to help students find their passion.
Adora M. D’Souza, a Master’s candidate in Electrical Engineering, chose the University of Rochester because “I wanted to do a Master’s with a significant amount of research, and UR offers a good range of research opportunities in the field that interests me. I was particularly interested in working on Biomedical Image Processing, and have been fortunate enough to have worked with two great professors in this field.”
  • Learn more about current research in the Arts and Sciences
Learn more about research in the Hajim School of Engineering
Gretchen T. Briscoe. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,
Director of Graduate Enrollment
Meliora....ever better.. Waral 鍗氬鏈夋洿澶氭枃绔,

Arts, Sciences and Engineering
University of Rochester.
302 Lattimore Hall, P.O. Box 270401.1point3acres缃

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