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Do you agree with the following statement?Society benefits more from works of great artists than from political leaders?

I disagree with the statement that societybenefits more from works of great artist than from political leaders. Many,hold the view point that artists has more influence on social world, claim thatmore people are enjoying the aesthetic creation of artists. However, whentaking more factors into consideration, as far as I am concerned, politicalleaders make more contribution to the current world.

Initially, one issue which encourage me tohold this opinion is that politicians have greater powers to change the worldthan artists. When an artist is facing a difficulties, most of the artists feelsad, and they paint. Their creation, like music, paintings, poetry or somethingelse, complaining their unsatisfaction and disappointment which is impressivefor the public. Their behavior doesn't work for the difficulties. But for apolitician, they hold the power to make a difference. For instance, Obama canissue a law to solve an environment problem, he may send troops to beat terrorismand keep peace. But for artists, limited by the power, they can only expresstheir feeling by painting or composing. Thus, the contribution of the artist isjust express their feeling and turn it into their creation, which may attractmore public attention, but for a wise politician, they solve it.

Lending even more credibility to my pointof view is that the contribution of politicians may be easier to ignore thanartists because it is their responsibility to do so. Everyone is seekingpeaceful and stable life. If there is nothing happen, they won't notice the politicians’contribution, but when disaster appeared, they blame the politicians for doingnothing. With more power, politicians are always has more responsibility to protectthe world and satisfy the society which is a much harder task than artists topaint their pictures or compose songs.

Admittedly, artists make contribution tothe society from a different perspective. The public can not only release theirstress by enjoying their visual or auditory creation, but also get inspirationand encouragement from the meaning inside the creation. The creation of artistsand their meaning may spread widely through public approval which will affectthe public to change slowly. Yet, the society still need quick and compulsoryexecution to solve urgent disaster.

In short, even though artists play animportant role in society, yet we still need politicians. Actually, politicianshold more power, take more responsibility to solve problems than artists. As aresult, the presented claim that society benefits more from works of greatartists than from political leaders, generally speaking, is not correct.




 楼主| eros 发表于 2015-1-24 21:26:21 | 显示全部楼层
Do you agree or disagree that it is more important for universities to spend money on facilities such as libraries and laboratories than hiring famous teachers?

I agree with the statement that it is more important for universities to spend money on facilities such as libraries and laboratories than hiring famous teachers. Many students hold the viewpoint that hiring famous teacher can improve the effect of teaching and attract more students to attend the class. However, as for me, spend money on facilities such as libraries and laboratories can works better on university development than just hiring famous teacher.

First of all, spending money on facilities can help students to develop their practical experience. As an old saying said, skills cannot be taught, but must be learned through practice. Take myself as an example, I attended every lecture, I read through books and course materials but I still feel confused but the course. I didn't get accurate understanding of the subject that I learned until a friend invited me to join his lab, which is funded by the school. There, I participated several projects. Thanks to the experience in laboratory, I'm developed a practical skills. Thus, spend money on facilities in university such as laboratories can definitely helps students to develop their practical skill which is important for their studying interest and future career.

Second, spend money on facilities can provide students a good mood to do what they want. A university is not only a place for students to take course, but also a place which provide chances for students to make choices of doing what they want. Thus, we can build all sorts of facilities in a university which make students and teachers feel comfortable. We may improve the school cafeteria to provide healthier and tastier food, we may improve the playground which will help students and teachers do more exercise, we may also improve the library to make a convenient place for students to read. By spending more money on facilities we can teach students to be independent.

Last but not least, spending money on school facility is a fair for every students. All the students can benefit from this idea. No one could dispute that hiring famous teacher can make courses better for students. However, this idea is limited by the numbers of famous teachers. Since the available seats of these course are limited, many students who can't take these course may feel regret and upset. On the other hand, if every students go to the famous teacher's classes, other teacher will feel unhappy, which will cause a decrease of the quality of their courses. In short, hiring famous teacher may cause serious issues of unfairness which is harmful for students and teachers.

From what have been mentioned about, I suggest that it’s more crucial to spend money on facilities such as libraries and laboratories than hiring famous teachers.
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woshiduga 发表于 2015-1-24 21:39:16 | 显示全部楼层
个人感觉写的不是很好阿楼主, 比如第一句你可以这么写The skyrocket development of the society in the past few decades has witnessed an increasing role that education play in strengthening individuals’ mind and competitiveness. 接下来可以说出你认为的观点,你可以这么引入。 In the meantime, changes have taken place in people’s attitude towards the financial investment in hiring more teachers or building more facilities. 然后说出观点,many people claim that XXXX are of more importance to xxx,然后可以说I am wholeheartedly agree with xxxx,  个人感觉写作不是说一天训练多少篇,而是找到写作方法,积累一些好的句型,提炼一些思路,不然练得再多水平无法提高,自然分数也很难提高,个人的一些总结,有不妥之处请见谅




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woshiduga 发表于 2015-1-24 21:39
个人感觉写的不是很好阿楼主, 比如第一句你可以这么写The skyrocket development of the society in the p ...

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热情bruce的 发表于 2015-1-25 03:08
作文第一题一定要模版!看notefull.com 的模版!
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Task: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Many people spend a lot of time watching sport programs on TV or following their favorite sports teams have negative effects on their lives?

With the rapid development of Internet and social media, people can get breaking news easier than the past. Nowadays, more and more people are spending more time watching sport programs and following their favorite team. When it comes to the problem that whether spending time supporting their teams has a negative effect on their lives, different individuals may have different views. Many, hold the view that spending time on sports program is negative because watching sport programs is meaningless nonsense and not worth spending time on it. However, as far as I am concerned, watching sports program and following sport teams actually has positive influence on people’s life.

Initially, one issue which encourage me to hold this view is that watching sport programs helps people release emotions and following a favorite time provide me a hobby to enjoy the life, both of which are beneficial for relaxation. People always feel tired after a day’s work, this is because emotion expression is restricted during the time at work. Watching sport programs just provide them a chance to relieve pressure. Take me as an example, I watch NBA and I’m a bravo fan of Jason Kidd. When his team won a game, I felt happy just like I was one of the team members; when his team lost, I can also felt disappointed. Both happiness and disappointment enhanced my sense of belongingness for the team. Meanwhile, during the time I’m watching the sport programs, I can express my feeling without restriction.

Lending even more credibility to my view is that watching sport programs make me a punctual people. To be more specific, sport programs always be live on specific time at TV or Internet. In order to avoid missing the time, I have to be punctual to watch the match on time. Sometimes, the match will broadcast in the morning, so I also keep the good habit of getting up early.

In addition, watching sports programs helps me to make friends with the same interest. For instance, when I was a high school student, I didn’t know how to make friends with classmates. Once in a break between classes, I watched a match via phone. One of my friend noticed and came to talk with me. We were surprised to find that we are rival groups of fans that supported different teams. Unexpectedly we didn’t have a fight, instead of that we became good friends with similar interest.

In sum, even though watching sports program and following sport teams sounds a waste of time for busy people. Yet it also benefits for these people from a different perspective. Actually, people can benefit from adjusting emotion, becoming time-sensitive and making friends. As a result, the presented view, generally speaking, is reasonable. Admittedly, if a person was so addicted to the sport programs which prevent him from working, then watching sports problem will definitely bring negative effect on the person’s life.
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