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[IIT] 申请了双学位被通知项目取消了,怎么办~~急求解答!!

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[15Fall] MS.EE@IIT


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As you explore your options for graduate school, we hope you discover that a higher degree from Illinois Tech will help you achieve your career aspirations. Our academic programs and professional development opportunities are world class.
Our Armour College of Engineering has risen among the ranks of all engineering schools, achieving a rank of 71st in the United States per the 2015 U.S. News & World Report.
Programs are broken down by department within Armour; we invite you to explore more about the master's or Ph.D. degrees of your interest:
With notable alumni inventing the first handheld cell phone, audio and video cassettes, floppy disks, and magnetic strips on credit cards, IIT is a university where Martin Cooper and Marvin Camras are legends-and you will be, too, with a degree from IIT's Armour College of Engineering.



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