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[EE] Multiple ECE PhD RA Openings at University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Multiple full-time PhD research assistantships (RA) at the Secure and Reliable Networking Research Lab, starting from Fall 2015 semester, are available in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, the University of Massachusetts Lowell. These RA positions are to work towards PhD degrees under the mentorship of Dr. Tricia Chigan ( ... /Chigan-Tricia.aspx), who is a recipient of the National Science Foundation CAREER Award. Dr. Chigan regularly serves as the Technical Program Committee (TPC) member for leading IEEE conferences including INFOCOM, ICC, GLOBECOM, and WCNC. Currently, she also serves as the Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

The focus research areas include Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANETs), VANET-based Data Mining, VANET-enhanced Intelligent Transportation, Cognitive Radio Networks & Security, and Smart Grids & Security. These research projects are sponsored by National Science Foundation (NSF), US Army’s Communications Research and Development Center (CERDEC), US Army Research Lab (ARL), and industry partners.

Desirable Qualifications: Applicants should have both MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering/Science or Control & Automation or other closely related fields, and the following qualifications:
       1. Solid modeling & simulation as well as programming skills are required.
       2. Strong motivation/determination/interest toward research is expected.
       3. Good research/publication record is a plus.
       4. Among all the supporting factors, your solid academic background and research potential will be evaluated the most.

Application Procedure:
Interested students should directly submit the e-copy of the following material to Dr. Chigan via email (
•        Cover letter stating qualifications, relevant experience and research interests.
•        Curriculum vitae.
•        A copy of transcripts (both graduate and undergraduate studies).
•        Relevant published research materials.
•        A copy of TOEFL & GRE scores.

Highly qualified applicants will be facilitated to go through an application process to UMass Lowell Graduate School (






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