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The speaker considers that people’s self recognization will surely deteriorate because people are more and more dependent on technology. To this assertion, I only reservedly agree with the speaker on a certain part of people the speaker may conclude, which means that  some people may gradually lost their own ability to identify themselves or the world around them, while others can strengthen their ability during using certain technologies, which take a great portion of the whole human beings.

Its’ tempting to agree with the speaker that people will surely lost their ability of thinking for themselves, since they become more and more reliable on technology, instead solving problems on their own ability. After all, according to the Darwin's theory, those seldom used abilities will gradually deteriorate in the long run, because we have better solutions and actually needn't to solve problems on our own.

However, the assertion is not so appropriate since its subject is broaden to the whole human beings. There are a large portion of people who not only practically get benefits from modern technology, but also being promoted and aspirated by it. In another words, it ignores the premise of the resource of technology: if there is nobody thinking independently and deeply about the question and human being themselves, how do these useful and practical technologies come into being? Think about the progress of computer's development. From the earliest ENIAC to the most developed modern computer, this course of development shows humans’  enormous intelligence and profound self-recognization; it emanicipates us from onerous and difficult manual calculation work.

More than that, the more and more developed technology which is hardly can be considered even imagined by ancient people is actually changing both our life quality and our thinking pattern—we have made a more comprehensive and more mature understanding about this world we are living in. Therefore the application of technology can render us a much more correct and subjective perspective in terms of knowing ourselves and this world, which in turn promotes our ability to think, as well as to create new technology to help us live a more comfortable life. People's acknowlege of the biological world serves as a good example for this assertion, which has changed greatly since we created the first microscope. The newly found hundreds of thousands of bacteria paved the way for the further study of biology and other relevant subjects, also provided the basic mechanism for the development of other advanced microscopes, say electronic microscope, which made it possible for the discovery and research of more detailed and submicroscopic structure of bacteria, even viruses.

By and large, I disagree with the assertion because what technology has brought for us is just making our problem solving methods more convenient and eliminating onerous stuff from our work, instead of depriving our thinking ability. And the usage of technology is doomed to be the best company for humans in respect of solving complex problems as well as getting a better and comprehensive cognition for ourselves.
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