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[其它] PhD position in Houston University

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2015 Fall Ph.D. opportunities @ University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

Multiple Background: Mechanical, Electrical, Materials, Physics, Chemistry, Polymer, etc.

Requirement: CSC scholarship

I am currently accepting applications for multiple Ph.D.s starting in Fall 2015. The students will join my research group at University of Houston. My group is primarily affiliated with Department of Mechanical Engineering, and adjunct in Materials Science and Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments. My group research is very interdisciplinary, by crossing the edges of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, etc.

One major direction is stretchable/flexible electronics, a novel format electronic system that can be stretched, bent, twisted and folded. Stretchable/Flexible Electronics can have very broad applications that are impossible for hard, planar integrated circuits that exist today. Examples range from smart medical devices, flexible display, to soft robotics, structural health monitors and inspection systems. Potential candidates with strong interest and background in solid mechanics, solid state electronics, polymers, materials, and related disciplines, are welcome to apply.

Another direction is mainly related to nano/micro materials and devices fabrication and characterization, driven by applications in advanced nano-electronics, photonics, nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS), etc. The target of this research mostly performed by experiments aims at solving modern challenges in electronics, healthcare, energy, etc. Potential candidates with experience and knowledge in material synthesis, device fabrication, electrochemistry, energy storage/harvesting, and related disciplines, are welcome to apply.
For more information of our research, please visit: If you are interested, please contact:, with your CV, copies of transcripts, representative publications, and contact information of 3 references. For those who have strong academic background and potential, English score could potentially be negotiable.

美国休斯敦大学 机械/材料/电子工程系招生 (2015 秋)
博士研究生, 留学基金委CSC奖学金
背景要求1:电子,机械,固体力学,物理,高分子,化学与化工,材料合成, 3D 打印,等。
研究方向2:基于微纳米材料的多功能器件。跟体材料相比,微纳米材料具有优越机械性能,高表面积-体积比, 独特电子输运特性, 等各种优势。基于各种微纳米材料制成的器件具有跨领域的众多应用,包括电子,光电子,微纳机电,医疗检测,储能,等等。
课题组主页:。 有兴趣者,请联系。 请注明申请的职位。
注:如若申请2015秋博士入学,请尽快联系。申请截止日期是03/7/2015。 GT英语成绩可以酌情商量。
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