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[WUSTL] MIS WUSTL 分享有用信息 求大米^^

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[15Fall] MS.MIS@SEU


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  • 1.        The web reads that the courses are taught by academic and industry leaders from the Olin Business School, School of Engineering & Applied Science and the Sever Institute . Does it mean the course like Advanced Algorithms is taught by CSE department and the course of management is taught by Olin business school?The web site is correct in that many of the courses offered in the MSIS program (depending on which track you take) are taught by our Computer Science Department in SEAS, Olin MBA program and School of Law.. from: 1point3acres.com/bbs
    2.        Could you please tell me something on employment of MSIS program? For example, employment rate, employment area/city and the main companies the graduate usually go.Since the MSIS program is new, we do not, as of yet, have any statistics as to the employment of our MSIS graduates.  We have several programs in the Sever Institute that are designed to assist you (in addition to the resources in Washington University’s Career Center) in honing your interview skills, resume, work experience, etc to provide you with the best opportunity to take advantage of the internships that will be available from St. Louis companies.3.        May I have the opportunity to have a double degree in mathematics or computer science? I heard before that graduate student can have another program after one year or apply for another program after 2-year study.At this time we do not have a joint program with another Engineering department or another WU school.While you are a student in the M.S. in Information Systems program you may only take courses in this program while completing the degree.  Once you complete our program, you could always apply to another program, but admission is not guaranteed.. more info on 1point3acres.com

    4.        I notice that the MSIS program is attached  in your department, which is a professional education department in the school of engineering. I am confused that is there any difference in the graduate diploma between MSIS program and other MS program in ESE or CSE department? I mean, would it be possible that the diploma of MSIS shows Professional Master Degree rather than Graduate Master Degree?We want you to be successful in our program.  We will allow you the freedom to choose your track as well as the courses within the MSIS program but we will assist you in the course selection as you progress through the program to make sure you are meeting the degree requirements.  It will be important for you to work closely with Jack and Karen Cowley as you go through the program.  Yes, the classes are taught both in the day and the evening.  You will have a combination.
    All of the Master degrees in the School of Engineering state the same which is that the MSIS degree is a Master Degree.  We do not use Professional or Academic as a descriptor to the degreeThe Professional Education department of SEAS was formed to combine two educational elements of the School of Engineering.  The Henry Edwin Sever Institute of Technology (offers graduate degrees) and the Technology and Leadership Center (which offers training programs) have a close relationship with St. Louis businesses.  This relationship is a huge advantage to our MSIS program’s full time students because it offers courses taught by industry professionals who teach how to apply the theoretical learnings from the tenured research based faculty to meet the needs and issues of the business community.This linkage between the theoretical and the practical application make this program unique and provides a firmer platform for the MSIS graduate to achieve their career goals.

    5.        Does MSIS program belong to S(science).T(Technology).E(Engineering).M(Math). education in US?The MSIS degree is a STEM degree and will enjoy all of the attributes associated with a STEM degree.






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