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昨晚收到的邮件 Columbia Engineering M.S. Open House Event Invitation

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[15Fall] MS.EE@Columbia


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昨天半夜收到的邮件:Columbia Engineering M.S. Open House Event Invitation

You are invited to attend Fall 2015 Open House Day, for Master's students, on Wednesday, April 8th.
During Open House you will have an opportunity to meet with administrators, faculty, current students, and newly admitted students like yourself, right on campus!
We are all looking forward to welcoming you.
Event locations take place within walking distance of each other on Morningside campus.  Registration and all daytime speeches will be in the Schapiro Center (building) inside Davis Auditorium.  Lunch will take place at noon in Faculty House, which is a short walk from the Schapiro Center. You can visit your department after lunch. Department offices for engineering are all located in the Mudd building.
We hope to see you soon! However, this event is not mandatory. If you accept the offer of admission you will have another opportunity to come to campus again during orientation events

感觉有点莫名其妙,这是Campus Visit?。。。有童鞋收到类似邮件么?

 楼主| angelindevil1 发表于 2015-3-28 11:44:25 | 显示全部楼层
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