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4th rej 来自Pitt的aoe

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guoshuaiyu 发表于 2015-4-2 11:33:49 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
[15Fall.MS.Rej][Stat/Biostat@stat@upitts]通知时间: 2015-04-01
  • 背景见定位贴:

  • 本科: @ , GPA :
  • 研究生: @ , GPA :
  • T单项和总分:
  • G单项和总分:
  • sub专业和分数:
  • 背景的其他说明(如牛推等):
  • 提交时间: 2015-01-14
  • 结果学校国家、地区: 美国
  • 查到status的方式:others 
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    pitts老早就说今年收到大量的申请,需要比较晚才能给结果,今天message centre有新消息了
    点开一看,说录取已经都发出去了,没有的就是被拒了,因为人太多,就不一一发拒信了,下面把原文贴上来. 涓浜-涓夊垎-鍦帮紝鐙鍙戝竷
    [size=12.960000038147px]Dear XXX,

    [size=12.960000038147px](Please disregard this email if you already received an admission decision).
    [size=12.960000038147px]Due to the large volume of applications received and the time it took to carefully review everyone, we sincerely apologize for not getting back to you if you have inquired about your admission status here in the Department of Statistics, University of Pittsburgh. We have received many, many inquiries asking about status and it is hard to keep up with a large volume of individual email inquiries. .1point3acres缃

    [size=12.960000038147px]At this point in time, we have sent admission offers out to both the PhD and Master applicants who were our top applicants to our program. These applicants have until April 15th to decide to accept or decline our admission offer. This is the best information we can give you at this time. We do not have wait lists so I am afraid we cannot answer any questions about your chances of being offered an admission..
    . 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴
    [size=12.960000038147px]We are sorry we cannot provide you with a final answer on your status, but hopefully this information will help. We hope by the very end of April we will have another update on status.

    [size=12.960000038147px]Mary Gerber, Graduate Administrator on behalf of the Graduate Committee
    [size=12.960000038147px]Department of Statistics
    [size=12.960000038147px]University of Pittsburgh
    . 鐣欏鐢宠璁哄潧-涓浜╀笁鍒嗗湴[size=12.960000038147px]


    . 涓浜-涓夊垎-鍦帮紝鐙鍙戝竷

    补充内容 (2015-4-2 11:34):
    ps. 哪位版主大大有权限帮忙编辑下帖子格式,强迫症表示看着好难受。。




    bonds 发表于 2015-4-2 21:57:33 | 显示全部楼层
    同收到 这个算不算wl。
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     楼主| guoshuaiyu 发表于 2015-4-2 23:00:12 | 显示全部楼层
    bonds 发表于 2015-4-2 21:57.鏈枃鍘熷垱鑷1point3acres璁哄潧
    同收到 这个算不算wl。

    他家说了没有waiting list么不是
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