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[文书-求改] Could anyone take a look at my ps and give me some advice

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graceshuaizhang 发表于 2015-4-14 13:36:54 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式


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Hi! Below is my draft for PS. If you can take a look at it and give me some advice. I'll be more than happy :)

I'm still not sure how I should write it. Because I don't have many courses or projects in CS, I put the emphasis on interest. Yes to tell the truth the reason I want to switch to CS is that I want a job. And I was advised to put the emphasis on that I've tried to get prepared for CS (self learning, auditing, etc.), and a hard-working and smart person who can always get good scores so I can also survive in CS, and I should also tell them that I want to study CS because I want a job. Telling the truth is also important. I think the admission committee really understand what a master stands for. But could someone give me some advice? Many thanks!
Fascinated by cognitive science and brain, I started to work as a research assistant in neuroscience in the last year of my undergrad. My work mainly focused on the early development of visual cortex of mice and their visual cognition. This experience brought to my attention that cognitive and systems neuroscience focus on how the brain implements computations that control the behaviors in a very well organised yet mysterious way. During this time I also worked on my undergrad thesis in computational chemistry, investigating the QSAR (quantitative structure and activity relationships) of metal-organic compounds and their prospective activity in..... (I forget this part) Everyday after my work in the neuroscience lab, I worked late into night for my thesis, from which I got interested in molecular modeling by computational methods.  Later I worked on peripheral nerve regeneration, a field of molecular neurobiology. I got to know even molecular neuroscience, with concentration on cells and molecules in the brain, has benefited a lot from computer science. Advanced command of computer science will help develop models of protein and membrane dynamics, and also do a great role in data, graph and image analysis.

Inspired by these facts and thoughts, I started to learn more about computer science during the gap year when I stayed with my husband at Cornell. I went to audit classes in discrete structures at Cornell, practiced programming in Java via Udacity, and learned the basic concepts in algorithms via Coursera. I created a game agent playing Connect Four, trying to put in to use all the concepts and hands-on skills I learned such as object-oriented programming, decision-making and iterating. Not being a student on campus, I had no instructor to obtain much help with my study but I really feel like an adventurer in a new field. However, Self-learning only cannot satisfy me, so I 'm very eager to receive a formal and well-rounded education in computer science through a master degree program.
In 2008, I chose to major in chemistry, hoping to make contribution to research in drugs and new materials. But I realize that computer science will definitely benefit the research in all fields and people's daily life in this era of information. I will try to take prerequisite courses as many as I can in Pasadena City College (should I say this? I'm not sure whether this will be a plus or minus. If a plus, I should also say why and when I got admitted to PCC) before I begin my study of graduate program. In the meantime of taking courses during graduate school, I'd like to work in research labs and take internships in industry to enhance my technical and communicative skills. I would like to start my career as a software engineer in biomedical software or social networks. It will be a long way to go, but I believe I'll fulfill my dream with the excellent academic and career opportunities provided by Gatech.

The reason why I choose the online CS master program at Gatech is that my husband will move to Los Angeles this fall to begin his PhD and I prefer to stay with my him during my study and take care of my family. Therefore, an online program with a relatively flexible schedule works perfect for me.

lovecmh 发表于 2015-4-19 09:58:32 | 显示全部楼层
楼主的专业和我有点像 我学药的,地理茫茫一片CS,想转但是这两个专业区别太大了,我是零基础还是放弃了
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