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[数理化生] 多个生化分子&生物信息学 RA positions available at Oklahoma State University

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Dr. Haobo Jiang, Entomology and Plant Pathology, 研究方向是昆虫免疫,分子和生化。现在有两三个名额,可以是Master,也可以是PhD.具体情况请咨询Dr. Jiang本人: haobo.jiang@okstate.edu
My name is Haobo Jiang, a full Professor in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Oklahoma State University (OSU) (http://entoplp.okstate.edu/profiles/profiles/jiang.htm) and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at OSU. I would like to recruit 1-2 new graduate students into my group to be supported by NIH funds. In the past, I had an excellent experience growing with students who had been turned down by universities of their first choice but took the new opportunities I offered after April 15. Some of my students are already full Professors in China.

I was broadly trained as biochemist and molecular biologist working on insect biochemistry, genomics, transcriptomes, proteomes, microRNAs, and structural biology (X-ray crystallography, NMR). I have published over 100 papers in scientific journals including Science, Nature, PNAS, JBC, IBMB and others. My group has been supported continuously by NIH for the past 16 years, which is extremely rare at OSU. NIH researches are generally regarded as higher than those supported by NSF, USDA, and other federal agencies. The success rates are <10% for NIH. Therefore, if some of you consider OSU is a university at the “province” level, this lab is more active than many mediocre labs in a big name university. You are of course welcome to contact my current and past students to learn about me and the group.

If you are interested pursuing a higher degree starting in the fall of 2015, please contact me at haobo.jiang@okstate.edu. I can call and discuss with you the details about these new opportunities. In that case, I would like to know your contact information and a proper time to call.

Best regards,


Dr. Chen,生化系新来的PI,生物信息方向,具体请看他的招生贴。
PhD student Positions in Computational and Quantitative Genomics at the Oklahoma State University

Crop Genomics Lab at OSU is seeking PhD level graduate students that are enthusiastic about the advancement in genomics technologies and would like to explore the applicability in crop improvement. OSU's Crop Genomics Group works very closely with Genomics Core Facility, transcriptome and metabolomics research groups as well as the wheat improvement team in the Oklahoma Agricultural Experimental Station. This collaborative environment enables broader scale knowledge integration, thus further encourages innovative, interdisciplinary research. Within the group, the approaches we currently employ include next-generation sequencing technologies, and computational and quantitative genetics.  

We are hoping to identify creative individuals that are interested in Quantitative and Statistical Genetics, Computational Biology and/or related fields. Wheat has been the main focus of State-run breeding programs; a strong research interest in wheat would be favorable, but we do not limit ourselves in term of the study system. Also, the PhD student positions will be hosted in the Department Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with which we are also exploring research opportunities within the areas of proteomics and functional genomics.  

If you're interested, please contact Dr. Charles Chen (charles.chen@okstate.edu) with the following information:

- A cover letter addressing your research interest and experience
- A full C.V.
- Unofficial transcripts
- Contact information for 2 potential referees

Charles Chen, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Oklahoma State University
246 Noble Research Center
Stillwater 74078 OK
Email: charles.chen@okstate.edu
Tel: 1-405-744-4025



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