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[EE] Two Ph.D. Positions in Power Systems at University of Central Florida

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Two fully-funded Ph.D. positions for Fall 15 areavailable in EECS department at University of Central Florida.

The researchareas are in power systems and smart grids. Research projects includeself-healing smart grid, microgrid and data centers, protection and control,and cyber-physical systems.

A bachelor degree in electrical engineering is theminimum requirement, and M.S. in EE is preferred. Interested students pleaseemail CV, GRE and TOEFL scores, and transcripts to Dr. Wei Sun at

More info about UCF andOrlando:
In the 2016 List of Best Graduate Schools released byU.S. News and World Report, UCF’s Electrical Engineering graduate program isranked at 52nd. Currently, ECE has three competitively-awardedresearch centers: FEEDER funded by DoE, Electric Vehicle Research Center fundedby US DoT, and MIST funded by NSF. Additional research sponsors include DARPA,NASA, ARO, AMD, Analog Devices, Harris Corporation, Intel, L-3 Communications,Leidos, Lockheed Martin, and Texas Instruments as well as local high-techstart-ups. The strong partnership provides students ample opportunities of internand full-time employment in industry, national labs, and power utilities. Orlandois one of the best places to live in. It is just an hour away from the most beautifulbeaches in the world. It is also surrounded by many renowned entertainment centers,including Disneyland, SeaWorld, and Universal Studio. In addition, the livingcost is reasonably low for students and family. More information can be foundin

(PS: 我老板人非常nice,学校也很不错,有意向的同学可以直接联系他)

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