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西北 CE Rej

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zzwcsong 发表于 2015-6-12 10:11:21 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
[15Fall.MS.Rej][CE@Northwestern University]通知时间: 2015-06-12
  • 背景见定位贴:

  • 本科: @ , GPA 3.73/4: 本科Top15 211
  • 研究生: @ , GPA :
  • T单项和总分: 99
  • G单项和总分: 320+3
  • sub专业和分数:
  • 背景的其他说明(如牛推等):
  • 提交时间: 2015-04-27
  • 结果学校国家、地区: 美国
  • 查到status的方式:email通知 
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    补申的4所学校都出结果了,3个AD,1个Rej. 西北申的是CE,选的第一个是WSN方向他们拒信还帮人出谋划策呢~
    Dear Applicant,
    On behalf of the EECS Graduate Committee and the staff in the Graduate Office -- we regret to notify you that we could not bring a favorable decision regarding your application to the MS program with the EECS Department.
    We apologize for the extreme delay that you have experienced and we thank you for your patience. The fact is that we have received over 1300 applicants -- and the vast majority of them, just like yourself, were very talented and qualified individuals. We operate under constraints and try our best to match the applicants with the most-likely best adviser from the very start -- a process which, in addition to being time-consuming itself, requires us to proceed in batches.
    Often, it is some minor detail that has caught reviewers/evaluators eye -- maybe part of the statement of purpose being more (vs. less focused), maybe a bit of a comparative-scores on certain exams/subjects, maybe a better match of the background and interests -- which is why we have put the instructions on our Graduate Admissions webpage (along with the FAQ link). We hope that this will help you in your future applications, regardless of their targeted context.
    We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    补充内容 (2015-6-12 10:34):
    对了...申请西北时犯了个低级错误,PS里有一个地方没改过来T T,把西北写成Rice了...
     楼主| zzwcsong 发表于 2015-6-12 10:26:52 | 显示全部楼层
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