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[T作文-求改] TPO 1 two tasks need help

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As the professor said, we won't reach the expectation asdescribed in this passage. Reversely, many people will lose their jobs oncethey choose the four-day workweek.
Firstly, for those companies, if they hire more employeesfor those four-day workweek people, there might be a huge invest should be setin their company, such as offering more computers and any other facilities. Allof them may cut into profits of the company.
As a result, many companies may require their staff to domore even over load to pay their loss back.
Secondly, for those employees, they may feel unpleasantabout their company for raising tasks and improved requirements. They will bein a risk of losing their jobs when they are in their free time. Worsely, theymay lose their chances of promotions.
Last but not least, the professor is not sure about theprofits would be made from companies adopted the four-day workweek. They alsodoubt the situation of those employees.
About equality between sports and classes
Nowadays people are getting excited to join in all kinds ofactivities at school. They think social skills and sports and taking classesare the same level. I think so, people shouldn't be bad at social or sportsbecause they are related to our mental and physical health. Thus, moreinvestment should be set to get our gym or other social facilities better.
Firstly, students at school can't fail in their exams asrequired by every college or university. This requirement can cause some lackof exercise or social activities, which is very important for students to behealthy and friendly. If investments were set at every school, this may attractmore student to come and join them.
Secondly, the purpose of every school is to help studentsfind themselves and then go to find their jobs finally. If they can't get theequal oppotunity to gym as library, they won't be very well developed enough tothe society. All we need to do is set up a custom for students to getthemselves well educated and developed.
Finally, I think we should think about this topic over,students do need the same oppotunities to reach the two things mentioned above,to be a better human-being, the same level of finacial support should be set onto both class and sports and social facilities.



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