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[CS/CE] Ph.D. positions in Computer Science at UMass Boston (Spring 2016)

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I'm an assistant professor in computer science department at UMass Boston. I’ll have a couple of RA positions available for prospective Ph.D. students in Spring  2016. You'll be working on Big Data/MapReduce, or Mobile Computing/Wireless Networks, or any other promising topics that you are interested in and I'm able to offer guidance. If you are interested, please email me your cv and transcripts.

- GRE and TOFEL scores
- Self-motivated: You know what you are doing and what you'll be doing. You have assured yourself that it is worthwhile to spend additional years to get a Ph.D. degree. You are curious about the new technologies, and willing to learn them.

Strong programming and algorithm design skills are definitely a plus. In addition, I prefer to work with the students with a positive and pleasant attitude.

About our department:
UMass Boston is one of the five campuses in the UMass system, but much smaller than the Amherst main campus. It is the only public university in Boston. The Ph.D. program in CS is relatively new and we haven't built up a strong reputation yet. I think that pursuing a Ph.D. is a big decision in your life. And it may not be a good option for everyone. So if you are interested in joining our Ph.D. program, it'd be better if we can have a talk over the phone/Internet so that I can introduce all the pros and cons to help you make the decision.

Bo Sheng
email: bo.sheng AT
web: not allowed to put the link here, please google bo sheng umb




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