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[其它] 美国密苏里大学哥伦比亚分校农村/环境社会学和可持续发展全额奖学金机会

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Graduate Research Assistantship in Rural Sociology and Sustainable Development
Division of Applied Social Sciences
University of Missouri-Columbia
A graduate research assistantship in rural sociology and sustainable development (at either M.S. or Ph.D. level) will be available beginning in Spring or Fall 2016 within the Department of Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The student will be working with Dr. Hua Qin and contribute to research projects focusing on community and natural resource issues in USA and China. Dr. Qin is an environmental and natural resource sociologist with emphasis on human population dynamics and sustainability. His main research interests include population (migration) and the environment, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change, community-based conservation and natural resource management, sustainable livelihoods, and risk and disaster.  
The Department of Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri employs the theoretical and methodological tools of rural sociology to address key societal challenges of the 21st century, from preserving our natural resources and providing safe and nutritious food for an expanding population, to adapting to climate changes and maintaining sustainable rural livelihoods. The department contributes to domestic and international wellbeing through the training of new professionals, collaborative and interdisciplinary research, and participation in applied projects focused on sustainable and community-based development. Please see for further information about the department.   
All interested candidates with relevant environmental social science background will be considered. Preferred qualifications of applicants are: an excellent academic record, experience applying typical social science research methods (e.g., interviews, focus groups, and surveys) and statistical techniques, and strong communication skills (both oral and written). Applicants must complete their application to the Rural Sociology graduate program as part of their application for this position. Review of applications will begin on October 31, 2015 and continue until the position is filled.
The successful applicant will receive an annual assistantship stipend, a tuition waiver, and health insurance. Prospective students should contact Dr. Qin ( for more details. Please include a statement of research interests and a current resume with the inquiry.  






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