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[G作文-已改] 这是楼主自己写的一篇issue,求老师给改的,改得非常详细。

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Undeniably, as the author suggests, disagreements do have some side effects which lead us to stress and inhibit learning. However, none of us will hesitate to attribute the dialectical thinking to the argument with people whose views contradict to our own? and the process of arguing is always accompanied by amending our own opinion toward a more objective one. Therefore, in debating with different opinion holders, we take into account factors that may be otherwise ignored or overlooked.
   Firstly, only by debating can we improve our dialectical thinking skills. By debating with his friend, the ancient Chinese philoSOPher Zhuang Zi gained a more profound understanding of the truth that we can never judge anybody singlesidedly from our own personal view. In a famous anecdote, Zhuangzi allegedly retorted his friend’s question by arguing "if you aren't a fish, you can never know what the fish is thinking." and the debate is called " the joy of a fish" later on. This dialectical thinking is one of the greatest legacies that help to shape Chinese culture. 这个故事可以讲的再详细一些
   Additionally, exposure to different thoughts, which usually comes with debating with opposite viewers, is conducive to gaining the pith of a variety of theories. Through checking each theory sincerely and strictly, debating benefits us by tossing out the dross and demonstrating the pith. we can't find another more appropriate method to do the same work.
   Finally,though some people may argue that debating and exposure to different thoughts exert undesirable effects on learning, the advantages far out weigh the disadvantages of that process.

例子可以讲的更详细, 语言质量可以进一步提高,还有就是老美更多的讲 critical thinking, 而不是dialectical thinking, 加油!
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