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People care more about public recognition than about money. Even if no more money is given, public recognition can still make people work harder.

People are encouraged to work hard by public recognition, as well as money. Some people believe that people care more about the former, saying that even if no more money is given, public recognition can still make people work harder. But I think money is a more important stimulus. The following will provide the details of my opinion.

First of all, only when a people have enough money, can they have the condition to work hard. The condition consist of two aspects, one is the living need, while the other is the facility for work. Both of them need a certain amount of money; however, neither of them can be dealt with by merely public recognition without money. Take table tennis players as an example. They cherish a gold medal or the world ranking very much. After all the public recognition is what they are pursuing. But it is not equivalent to the view that they care more about public recognition than about money. Without money, what can fund them the basic necessities of their lives, including food, clothing, shelter and transportation? Furthermore, they need to appeal to money to buy table tennis rackets, to hire training fields, and to employ coaches. So in fact it is money that they care more than public recognition.

Apart from the basic necessities of life and the facilities for work, people make great effort for fun outside of work. Lives of people contain more than work. Maybe they intend to buy themselves luxury cars, to take their families to travel to Europe, or to present a precious gift to their children. Money is a sufficient condition for all of them above rather than public recognition. From this point of view, people still care less about public recognition than about money.

As a result, people care more about money than public recognition because of the basic necessities of life, work facilities, as well as fun outside of work, although public recognition gain people more confidence and satisfaction.



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