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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The food we ate in the past was healthier than the food we eat today.

There is a wide range of dispute about whether the food we ate in the past was healthier than the food we eat today. Some people believe that the food we eat today is healthier because of the technological advance in agriculture, while others hold different opinion. In my opinion, the food we ate in the past was healthier in fact for the reasons stated in the rest of the essay.

First of all, environmental pollution and ecological damage is more severe today than in the past. These have a direct effect on our food ingredients. The extensive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides causes residue on what we eat inevitably, which further lead to the concentration in the bodies of human beings, because humans are standing at the top of the food chain. Several months ago, when I was enjoying the delicious fishes cooked by my mother, I found a certain fish taste funny. I was shocked and feel very threatened. After hours of online inquiry, I knew that fish was polluted by some chemical substances. This fish was inedible because the chemical substances would cause some healthy issues. The phenomenon of the funny tasted fish is more and more common today than in the past.

Apart from the problem caused by pollution and ecological damage, the cooking method is becoming unhealthier and unhealthier. Because these unhealthy cooking methods make food more delicious, so that the restaurants are able to gain more profit. In the past, the restaurants usually serve traditional poached food, while deep fried food are more popular at present, which may cause cancer latently. Meanwhile, modern people intake more fats, which may results in heart disease.

As a result, the food we eat today is unhealthier than in the past, because of not only the environmental pollution and ecological damage, but also the cooking method. To improve this situation, we should struggle to make our environment and ecology better, and encourage traditional cooking method.
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