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Do you agree or disagree people will spend less time on cooking?
Entrapped in busy work, easily available to fast food and inevitably lazier, people today seemingly could spend less time on cooking. It’s apparently showing us that our time is too limited and precious to force us to squeeze time into doing things more necessary and valuable, which, however, omits to take into account possible effects of technology and family awareness which may impose an adverse influence on us.

The progress of technology can make cooking more available and convenient. With technology development it’s true that there would be a trend that more and more work done by machine or newly invented robots. As a result, the upside is to lead great employment pressure. But what we can gain from it is that the work efficiency is largely improved so that we can spend more time on doing other things instead of concentrating only on job. Thus, those people before forsaking cooking because of lack of time can pick up it again. Also, using new technology, they can make cooking easier, and more convenient than before. For example, dishwashers relieve people from doing washing; electronic recipes offer us the opportunity to look at when you don’t know how to do a both low-calorie and delicious food; and 3D simulation technology teach you how to cook. Therefore, an increasing number of people would cook.

Living in a fast developed society, people will pay more attention to family relationship. Today, social interpersonal indifference is stressed again and again, and it seems that more and more people become concerned about our family relationship. And one of the most efficient ways to improve our family awareness is cooking which promotes good relationships with others. Some people regard cooking as their hobby, and cooking at home is a way to enhance their relationships with other people, such as their family members, as well. For example, if a wife often cooks with her husband, they will surely have interactions while they cook. Thus, they can develop a more intimate relationship with each other. So in the future, in order to strengthen family relationship, more an more people will adopt this natural method.

All in all, it’s safe to say in the future, people can have more easy access to cooking and they can afford more time to cooking. Additionally, cooking can enhance our relationship with family members. Therefore, people will spend more time cooking in the future.



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