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我找我们系的一位教授帮我写的推荐信,然后我特别跟教授讨论了内容,希望不要被看成是do well in class,但是教授任然把第一段写得很像dwic. 不知道这样写如何,还请大家看看,时间有限,明天就要回复教授了,求好心人
. 1point 3acres 璁哄潧
I am writing to recommend xxx for his graduate program application in your university. I have known him for over six months since the last semester, namely fall 2015, when I taught him the course Interfaces and Communication. I was impressed by his self-motivation and intelligence. Last semester, I also tutored him on the course Experiments of Interfaces and Communication. When I first introduced the experiment platform, he was not so familiar with it. Though it was not required, the next day, he appeared in the lab again. He told that there was something he did not get through and he would like to give it more time. At the end of the course, he asked me questions about the implement of chip 8255 and 8259. I think it would be rewarding for him to handle the two confusing chips by himself, so I just gave him some advice and let him look up for some materials. Finally, it turned out he did a very good job in the final defense. I asked him about the chips, and he made it very clear that how those two chips work and what are the inner constructions of them. Therefore, he deserves an A for the course.
. 涓浜-涓夊垎-鍦帮紝鐙鍙戝竷
Those precious virtues are the very points that lead him to his impressive research about distributed computing, parallel theory and etc. Since my research interests are Information & Cloud Security, I often have talks with him about related researches. His current project, AAAAA, with the research scientist PPP from BBBB University, Singapore impressed me. Inspired by his knowledge about CCCC, a distributed data analysis framework, he proposes to introduce two+ servers to help reduce the communication costs in distributed system. I am glad he is now implementing this idea into practice and I am sure this approach will make a difference in dealing with the communication problem.

Since he is so self-motivated, intelligent and creative in research, I am sure he will be an excellent graduate student in your university. Therefore, I strongly recommend XXX to your M.S. program.
安如画 发表于 2015-9-19 18:17:51 | 显示全部楼层
能请问下楼主为什么写成do well in class不好吗? 没跟老师做过科研的话感觉只能写这个。。。
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joycevernon 发表于 2015-9-19 19:40:56 | 显示全部楼层
安如画 发表于 2015-9-19 18:17
能请问下楼主为什么写成do well in class不好吗? 没跟老师做过科研的话感觉只能写这个。。。

感觉do well in class 好像比较average的样子,就是普通拿A的那种水平,看蛮多人的推荐信要写成outstanding的那种诶~~
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q8099086 发表于 2015-9-19 23:34:33 | 显示全部楼层
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19944112 发表于 2015-9-20 15:57:38 | 显示全部楼层
你老师写的好细节啊,感觉第一段基本可以用在SOP里了,而且看第二段有种他其实不了解你的感觉,不过scientist PPP肯定也有一封RL吧,这样不是重复了吗?
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fp15088 发表于 2015-9-23 19:37:35 | 显示全部楼层
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byt2015 发表于 2015-9-23 19:50:52 | 显示全部楼层
同意楼上的看法,写一封中规中矩的推荐信就可以了,Do well 怎么不行啊?
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