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[CS/CE] UC Riverside Daniel Wong 教授招博士生 (Computer Architecture)

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Daniel Wong, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Cooperating Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, Riverside, is actively looking to recruit PhD students.

We are starting the Systems optimization and Computer Architecture Lab (SoCal) with the goal of conducting high-impact cutting edge research in computer systems, ranging from data centers to mobile devices to microarchitecture. We promise a fun-filled lab dedicated towards your personal and professional growth.
Current research areas include, but not limited to:
* System-scale Research (Data centers, Runtime systems, OS)
* Storage Systems (Memory, NVM Storage)
* MicroArchitecture (GPGPU, Multi-core processor, Accelerators)
* Mobile/Wearable (Health applications, SoC, Embedded Systems)

Students should be dedicated and self-motivated.
Prior experience in computer architecture is not required. Background in areas such as Machine Learning, AI, Neural Networks, Security, etc., are all useful and can be applied towards computer architecture research.
Students should posses skills such as the following (not all required, but be capable of learning):
* Strong programming skills
* Linux kernel hacking
* FPGA (Verilog, VHDL, etc)
* Distributed Systems
* Embedded Systems

If interested, please contact Daniel at Apply to either the Computer Science or Electrical Engineering program, depending on your comfort and fit.

About UCR:
The NRC (considered the gold standard of grad school rankings) ranks the CS program #5 (S-Rank) and #24 (R-Rank), and ranks the ECE program #10 (S-Rank) and #30 (R-Rank). The MS program in Computer Science is ranked #37 in the US by The Financial Engineer Times. US News rank the CS program #56 and the EE program #75.

About Riverside, CA:
Located in Riverside, California, UCR is within 1 hour driving distance from Los Angeles and Orange County, the ocean (with many beautiful beaches), the mountains (for hiking, skiing, snowboarding), and the desert (Palm Springs resort). Las Vegas is only 4 hours driving distance. ;-)

Daniel Wong
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Cooperating Faculty, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
University of California, Riverside






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